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AP Gov.

What best illustrates the elite theory? The idea that a small group of wealthy individuals dominate the government policy-making.
Pluralist Theory is ... 1.The public interest is normally served in the US through the process of bargaining and compromise.2. Organized interest groups fairly shape the public agenda by broadly representing the interests of America.
Which characteristic of American politics is conerned with the rights of the minority? the bill of rights guarantee of civil liberties
Interest groups and political parties both promote US democracy by... linking the citizens to the political process
What is a basic tenet of representative Democracy? Individuals should acquire power through competitions of peoples vote.
The system of government set up in the Constitutional Republic tends to.. Favor the status quo as opposed to political change.
Supreme Court justices were given tenure subject to good behavior by the framers of the constitution in order to ensure that... justices are free from direct political power.
the declaration of independence was a lawyers brief justifying the revolution
a non weakness of the articles of confederation the national government had too much power.
one reason did not lead to the constitutional convention of 1787 was... dissatisfaction over safeguards of individual rights and liberties.
Under Americas fisrt constitution, the articles of confederation congress was a unicameral legislature
what was the biggest problem with the aricles of confederation tha national government could not lay and collect taxes.
issue that was NOT decided at the constitutional convention was... voting qualifications of the electorate
the importance of Shays Rebellion to the development of the Consitution was that it indicated that a strong, constitutionally designed national government was needed to protect property and maintain order.
what is the result of the great compromise? The Senate represents state interests, while the house of representatives mirrors the population proportionally
American political culture is characterized by strong popular support for all the following except the rule of lawlimited governmentindividual liberty(*)economic equality
the founding fathers were... relatively young, wealthy, and well-educated
what platn proposed the Constitutional Convention called for a bicameral legislature? the Connecticut (great) Compromise
The president nominates Supreme Court justices, who must be confirmed by the senate. Once appointed, those justices usually serve for life. this is an example of separation of powers checks and balances
What was the result of the Great Compromise? States were represented in the upper house and individuals were represented in the lower house
Under the original constitution, which branch of government were (are) selected directly by citizens? The house of representative
how does the Constitution provide an executive check on the judicial branch? by nominating federal judges, subject to Senate confirmation
james Madison believed that groups, or factions, would compete within our democratic system. the result would be effective policy-making. what is madisons theory? pluralism
What is NOT a criticism of the separation of powers it results in prompt, but hasty, decision-making
The constitution was origninally ratified in 1788, the provisions regarding which of the following most closely approximate popular, majoritarian democracy? election of members of the house of representatives.
what is the basis of James madisons argument of the federalist paper no. 10? a balanced government can control factions and prevent one faction from gaining too much power.
any law passed by legislature that punishes an individual without a trial, under the constitution, violates the constitutional concept of a bill of attainder
the outcome of the conflict between the constitution and the states is determined by the supremacy clause
a law that goes into effect declaring that a business practice that has been legal in the past will be illegal in the future, and the law is made retroactive. why would the supreme court likely rule that unconstitutional it would be an ex post facto law
what is the relationship between congress and the supreme court? Congress can impeach a supreme court justice.
the supremacy clause in the constitution states that... the constitution, federal laws, and treaties are the supreme law of the land.
evidence that the framers of the constitution may have distrusted the common people is.. the method by which the president is elected
which of the following statements reflects the pluralist theory of american politics? public policies emerge from compromise reached among competing groups
what best characterizes the attitudes of the framers of the constitution towards slavery? there was sentiment to limit slavery but political considerations made that impossible
the constitution prohibits the states from doing everything EXCEPT... determining qualifications for voting
Which of the following is true under the system of checks and balances? the senate must ratify treaties negotiated by the president before they become a law.
which of the following is an example of checks and balances, as est. by the constitution? the requirement that presidential appointments to the supreme court be approved by the senate
Which of the following was the most important effect of replacing the Aritles of Confederation with the Constitution? the creation of a strong, national government
the 10th amendment has been interpreted by the supreme court to reserve powers to the states
which of the following is filed when an imprisioned person wants to be brought before a judge so the judge can determine whether his or hers imprisonment is legal? habeas corpus petition
which of the following is argues by James Madison in the federalist paper no. 10? a system of republican representation helps limit the excess of factionalism
the federalist paper no 10, james madison argues that factions in the republic are natural by controllable by institutions
how did the antifederalists deffer from the federalists? the antifederalist believed that a strong central government would be too distant from the people.
what is NOT an antifederalist argument? a claim that the bill of rights was unnecessary
what most acurately describles the Federalist Papers? a collection of essays arguing the merits of the constitution.
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