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cumulative review


When did the Era of European Exploration end? when Jamestown was settled
What was Hernán Cortés sent to Mexico to do? establish a trading post
How did Benjamin Franklin get his brother arrested? James published Ben’s “Silence Dogood” letters.
What is history as defined in lesson 2? the efforts of historians to interpret sources related to actual events and figure out what happened
What did King Philip’s War show about colonial society in the late sixteen hundreds? Native American relations were still unsettled and dangerous.
Because of Puritan influence, New England had the most public education in the colonies.
After which battle were the British most likely to say, “We can’t afford another victory like this!” Bunker Hill
Why did the Puritans want to establish a “city on a hill”? to show how the Church of England ought to be
What did Washington contribute to the victory at Yorktown? his men to construct a decoy camp in New York
Which of these nations was most likely to have a university in the New World by the end of the Era of European Exploration? Spain
What was the main effect of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense? It convinced many Americans that they should support independence.
When was the American Revolution? 1775–1783
Which of these events was a lucky break for Columbus? He was shipwrecked off the coast of Portugal.
Who really got French colonization (not just trading) in Canada started through his tireless efforts, important explorations, relations with the Indians, and many voyages across the Atlantic? Samuel de Champlain
The First Continental Congress met because of what belief? Colonists need to oppose the Intolerable Acts.
Which word best describes how the British enforced its colonial policies during the early seventeen hundreds? relaxed
The colonies revolted because they were most concerned about what? rights
English attempts to start American colonies in the 1500s . . . generally failed to last for long and sometimes disappeared entirely.
Which of these was a major belief most North Americans shared (as illustrated in the story of “Gluscabi and the Game Animals”)? “All life is sacred.”
Which of these was an advantage of the British in the Revolutionary War? They had a better navy.
What was the main purpose of the Navigation Acts? to get money to England
Which had the largest effect on Native American populations during the Era of European Exploration? the diseases the Europeans brought
Which of the following is a primary source for historians studying the journey of the Pilgrims to Plymouth? a Bible used by one of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower which was later returned to his family home in England.
According to the Declaration of Independence, why were the colonies justified in breaking free from the British? The British government was supposed to exist “to secure these rights,” but it wasn’t doing a very good job of it.
Where did settlements stop by the end of the Colonial Era? the Appalachian Mountains
What was the main result of the French and Indian War? The French lost everything they had in North America.
According to most modern-day archeologists, how did the first Native Americans arrive in the Americas? They traveled across a land bridge.
Which of these is true of the Pilgrims? They wanted to separate themselves from the Church of England.
Which of these solutions was used in Jamestown and had a large effect on the southern American colonies the Colonial Era? tobacco farming
Why was Washington’s attack on Trenton important to the American Revolution? The victory and Washington’s speech after helped inspire men to reenlist, preserving the Continental Army and the Revolution.
Which was least helpful to the survival of the Jamestown settlers? the original instructions from the joint-stock company
Which colony was set up as a place where debtors could go to get a new chance in life? Georgia
Which colony was the farthest south? Georgia
Why was Saratoga the turning point of the Revolution? The French agreed to give military aid to the colonies because of it.
What happened on Lexington Green? Redcoats shot some minutemen and then moved on, thereby starting the Revolutionary War.
Which New World food is responsible for America’s large Irish population? potatoes
What was Columbus trying to accomplish by sailing west? find a quicker way to the Orient
Which of these conclusions can be reached when applying the “Golden Rule of Historical Judgment” to the Puritans? By their own standards, the Puritans acted logically.
Who started the fighting in the French and Indian War? George Washington
Which incident was the first to alarm the colonists after the French and Indian War? the Proclamation Line
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