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us history 1492-1850

How did the British react after the colonists protested the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts? They took back most of the tax but refused to give in on the principles of taxation.
Which of these events united the colonies the most? the Intolerable Acts
Which of these delegates to the First Continental Congress would be least likely to support a radical action such as open defiance of England or even war? Joseph Galloway
What does salutary neglect mean in the context of children and parents? Parents don’t enforce disciplinary rules so strictly.
Which of these is what most British thought about the Tea Act? “Sure, the act is trying to help the East India Company, but it’s also doing you colonials a favor.”
According to John Adams, why did the Revolution happen before the war even started? The real revolution was in the change of opinion that the colonists had.
Created by: Passion1993