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us history 1492-1850

Which of these colonies was not set up as a haven, or safe place, for some group or another? New York
Which of these would be the modern equivalent for the reason the Pilgrims left England? getting fired from your job, which leaves you with no way to pay your debts, and the government offering to take care of these debts if you’ll settle on the moon for four years
Which is the southernmost Middle Colony? Delaware
Which of these is accurate about the Pilgrims? Though half the Plymouth settlers died the first winter, the rest stayed
Franklin did all of the following except what? win increased freedom of the press as the defendant in the Zenger trial
What was the last and southernmost British colony in North America? Georgia
Which of the following is most true of sources in historical research? Some sources may be accidentally or purposely misleading.
What basic problem confronted the Puritans who wanted to migrate to America? If they left England, they would be Separatists instead of Puritans, and that bothered them.
Which of these most assured Jamestown’s long-term financial survival? John Rolfe developed a good tobacco to grow in Virginia soil.
If you follow the “Golden Rule of Historical Judgment,” what are you most likely to say about the Puritan leaders in light of the harsh punishments they gave? “Their ideal of setting up a model society must have been more important to them than human suffering.”
Which individual was most like a modern American in emphasizing tolerance of religion and the rights of all people? (Hint: this person took in dissenters from other colonies.) Roger Williams
What is history? an attempt by historians to interpret what happened in the past based on sources
Franklin’s life until 1751 showed what? He lived up to some of his sayings in Poor Richard’s Almanack.
Which of these is true of the Salem Witch Trials? They were relatively mild compared to those in Europe.
What was King Philip’s War? the last major attempt by the natives to clear the settlers out
Which colony bought land from the natives before settling it? Pennsylvania
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