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Unit 8

German and Italian Unification & Latin American Revolution

Why were Europeans upset with the Congress of Vienna? The Congress of Vienna reinforced continued regional divisions, provided for the installation of foreign control and foreign rulers, and restored the conservative monarchies
What was the purpose of the revolutions in 1848? To reform from the new terms of the Congress of Vienna
What country avoided revolution in 1847 and why? England, Britain, and the United Kingdom, because they were not affected by the Congress of Vienna
How did Giuseppe Garibaldi help Italian unification? Expelled Spanish Bourbons from the Southern Italian Peninsula through the "Red Shirts" and allied with Cavour to unify "Italy"
What war brought the Papal States into "Italy"? Franco-Prussian War
Why were the Papal States the last to unify with "Italy"? Italian nationalists viewed the Papal States as an obstacle to the creation of an Italian nation, the Papal States were ruled by the Pope and depended on the presence of foreign troops for protection
What was the "Risorgimento"? The Italian unification, because Italian Nationalists aspired for the "resurgence" the Roman Empire starting with the formation of an Italian nation.
Who was Otto von BIsmarck? Led the final push for unification of the German-speaking people through war and by appealing to nationalist feelings. Instigated the Franco-Prussian war
What is "realpolitik"? The political philosophy - Politics should be based on practicality efficiency, and efficacy rather than a sense of morality or idealism
What was the nickname of Simon Bolivar? "The Liberator"
What countries did Simon Bolivar liberate? Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia
Who is the father of Mexican Independence? Miguel Hidalgo
Who were the peninsulares? The people who were at the top of society from Spain. They served the crown in colonial government posts as Viceroys and colonial officers.
Who were the creoles and why did they rebel? The people below the peninsulares. They were the children of the peninsulares, born in Americas, rather than Europe. The creoles rebelled because they desired for a representative governement and an end to mercantilism
Who is the father of Haitian Independence? Toussaint L'Ouverture
What was unique about the Haitian Revolution? The Haitian Revolution was fought by a slave rebellion throughout the Haitian colony; slavery was abolished and independence was achieved.
What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine? The Monroe Doctrine gave official recognition of the independence of the newly liberated Latin American nations, and will protect them from European powers
How did Count Camilo de Cavour help Italian unification? United Northern Italy through political manipulation & alliances of convenience, allied with France during Franco-Austrian war, and allied with Prussia during Franco-Prussian-War
Created by: MusngiJD21
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