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5th SS Unit 7

Cold War

What does NATO stand for? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Which President proposed the Civil Rights bill to Congress? John F Kennedy
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? The Soviet Union had nuclear missiles in Cuba and the US wanted them to remove them because they were so close to US soil.
Why did the US get involved in Vietnam? to stop the spread of communism
What event ended the Cuban Missile Crisis? The Soviet Union removed its missiles from Cuba
A march for civil rights in Washington DC where Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech The "March on Washington"
Why was there fighting in Vietnam? N. Vietnam wanted all Vietnam to be Communist
What gave all citizens equal rights to restaurants and public places? Civil Rights Act of 1964
What court case led to the integration (no longer segregated) of public schools? Brown v. Board of Education
The US joined the fight with its allies in what war to keep communism from spreading in Korea? The Korean War
How did the US benefit from the technologies developed in the US space program? (besides space travel) better computer systems and heat-resistant materials were developed
Name the 2 major countries that were involved in the Cold War US and Soviet Union
Famous leader who used non-violent protest to gain equal treatment for all races during the Civil Rights movement Martin Luther King, Jr
The US Senator who became famous for trying to end communist activity in the US during the 1950s Joseph McCarthy
What was it called when the US used planes to drop supplies to W. Berlin people Berlin Airlift
Leader of the USSR that wanted to put nuclear missiles in Cuba Nikita Khruschev
Winston Churchill said the DIVISION between Soviet Union communism and US democracy was like this Iron Curtain
These laws caused inequalities to the services and facilities available to African Americans Jim Crow laws
This President signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 after the assassination of JFK Lyndon B. Johnson
This leader helped farm workers in California achieve better pay and working conditions Cesar Chavez
Rosa Parks actions led to what major event in the Civil Rights Movement? The Montgomery Bus Boycott
This Senator's assassination led to more protests over the war in Vietnam and more demand for civil rights Robert F. Kennedy
Why was it important for the US to have missiles removed from Cuba? Cuba was only 90 miles from the coast of Florida and JFK didn't want nuclear weapons that close to US soil.
Created by: tmixon13
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