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Unit 4 Study Guide-2

American History

Huey Long proposed the Share-Our-Wealth program
Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind
John L. Lewis organized the United Mine Workers strike
Eugene Debs formed the Socialist Party
Eliot Ness Organized an elite squad of detectives to go after gangsters
Charles Lindbergh the first pilot to fly nonstop from New York to Paris
Dorothea Lange a depression-era potographer known for her photograph Migrant Mother
Andrew Mellon believed businesses should deal with the depression without government help
Franklin D. Roosevelt promised a "new deal" during his election campaign
Mary Mcleod Bethune was appointed director of the Division of Negro Affairs in the National Youth Association
During the election of 1928, many Americans opposed Alfred E. Smith because he was African American. False
Prohibition led to a rise in organized crime. True
Most advertisements during the 1920's targeted women. True
The Harding administration raised taxes on wealthy Americans. False
The National Youth Administration provided high school and college-age people with part-time jobs. True
The Socialist Party believed in expanded capitalism. False
Warren G. Harding was a 1920 presidential candidate who called for a return to "normalcy". True
Calvin Coolidge supported the Boston Police Strike. False
Langston Hughes was a Harlem Renaissance poet who dealt with issues of Native American cultural heritage. False
The United Mine Workers Strike resulted in wage increases for its participants. True
The West Coast was referred to as the Dust Bowl in the mid-1930's. False
Organized labor made many gains during the 1920's. False
Socialists and Communists believed capitalism was to blame for the depression. True
Herbert Hoover received much of the blame for the development of shantytowns. True
The popularity of sports increased in the 1920's. True
Created by: Joe Montez
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