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mn history

mn history contest mn

MN was organized as a territory in 1849
________is the only national park in MN Voyager National Park
MN was the __ state to enter the union 32
MN has ____ counties 87
L' etoile du Nord meaning ________ is the state motto star of the north
the land area of MN has been under the gov. of 4 nations they are France England Spain and the US
The state capital is_________ located in_______ county St Paul Ramsey
MN is derived from the word Minisota which means sky tinted water
the lowest point in MN is the surface of lake Super
MN's largest island lake is Red Lake
The state grain is wild rice ( Zizania palusustris)
The geographic center of MN is located in crow wing county
the last county to be organized was lake of the woods
the first governor of MN was Henry H Sibley
the total area of MN is ______ square miles 86938
MN became a state in 1858
what is the state song Hail MN
who made a fateful attempt to rod the bank in Northfield, MN on September 7 1876 Jesse James & the younger gang
MN has __ state parks 67
MN has___ state parks 62
The highest point in MN is Eagle Mountain
the state gemstone is Lake Superior agate
______ containers were made from folded and painted rawhide which was stiff and strong parfleche
The Indian burial mound site in the upper Midwest is ______ located on the rainy river Ground Mound
the Dakota word Wohoda means respect and Courtesy
The Ojibwa call themselves Anishinaabe meaning first people or original men
Created by: rd12