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chapter 9 history

first u.s. presidents/ late early 1800's/ john Adams/ Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson The president of the united states in 1801.
Aaron burr he got 73 votes along with Thomas Jefferson but lost after the house of representatives voted against him. he became vice president.
laissez faire means that the government should not interfere with the economy
john marshall a chief of justice who ruled that the judiciary act of 1789 was unconstitutional. so congress did not have the right to give power to the supreme court in the judiciary act
aristocrat upper class
revenue income from taxes
judicial review the authority to the supreme court to strike down unconstitutional laws.
expedition a long and carefully organized journey
meriweather lewis a captain who led the exploration
william clark chosen to go with lewis to sketch images of plants, animals, and other wildlife
continental divide a place on a continent that separates river systems flowing in opposite directions
zebulon pike explored the southern part of the Louisiana territory.
dominant dominating
alter to change
tribute money paid by one country to another in order for protection
stephen decatur a naval leader who raided Tripoli harbor in 1804 and burned the PHILADELPHIA down to the water line
embargo a gov. order that forbids foreign trade
decline to gradually lose strength or power
smuggling the act of illegally importing or exporting goods
tecumseh a Shawnee native american who organized western tribes into a league to restore Indian tribes, travelling widely to spread the message
restore to bring back to former condition
William Henry Harrison governor of the Indian territory and fought in the battle of "Tippecanoe"
nationalism pride in ones country
war hawks those who eager for war with britain
blockade the action f shutting a port or a road to prevent people or supplies from coming into an area or leaving it.
reinforce to strengthen with additional troops
Oliver hazard Perry an american commander who( in the battle of lake Erie) switched to another ship and continued the fight until it was won
Andrew Jackson took command in american forces in Georgia and won in the battle of horse shoe bend
secede to withdraw
critic someone who makes judgements on the value of actions
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