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Revolutionary War Re

Who fought in this war? British, Americans, French and Hessians
Where was the was fought? North America
When was the war fought? 1775-1783
Americans were fighting for their independence from Britain. Why was the was fought?
Stamp Act Americans had to buy a stamp for every piece of paper they used
Quartering Act Required colonial assemblies to give British soldiers a place to stay--quarters including candles, bedding, salt, beer and cider
Townsend Act Intended to pay for the cost of Britain having an army in America--It taxed glass, paint, tea, and paper.
Tea Act Lowered the price of tea but gave a monopoly to the British tea sellers.
Boston Massacre Colonist were shot by British soldiers. Colonist taunted the soldiers.
Boston Tea Party Colonist dressed as Native Americans tossed tea into Boston Harbour to protest Tea Act.
Intolerable Acts Created in reaction to the Boston Tea Party. Closed Boston Harbor until tea was paid for. Government of Massachusetts put firmly under British control. British soldier not tried in America but in England and more troops sent.
mercantilism economic policy for nations to become rich by controlling trade and creating colonies
monarchy a country ruled by a king
Loyalist Colonist who was faithful to Britain
Patriot Colonist who fought for independence
Blockade When ship block a harbor and goods and ships cannot enter or leave
petition a formal written request made to an official person or government
boycott to refuse to buy goods from a particular source
alliance when people or nations work together for a common goal
repeal when a law or tax is removed
preamble an introduction to a longer document that give the purpose of the document--like an introduction
mercenaries soldiers who are paid to fight--not from one of the nations at war
militia army groups from colonies--not professional soldiers
Lexington first battle of the American Revolution. Eight colonists were killed. Britain won.
Concord Colonist won this battle. They shot at the British soldiers as they retreated to Boston.
Battle of Bunker Hill The colonist won the first two rounds of this battle but lost the third when they ran out of ammunition.
Battle of Trenton George Washington surprised and defeated a group of Hessians on December 26, 1776.
Battle of Saratoga The turning point of the American Revolution. new hopes that they could win and prevented the British from cutting off New England from the rest of the colonies.
Valley Forge Harsh winter. There was little food or warm clothing.
Battle of Yorktown Final battle of the American Revolution. British trapped on three side and the ocean.
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