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6th Grade History

The Jazz Age/The Great Depression

Prosperity Being successful and wealthy
Capitalism Government NOT involved with businesses. Products are owned by individual people and companies rather by the government.
Anarchists People who believe there should be no government.
Deported Expelled from the United States.
Nativism Belief that native born Americans are superior to foreigners.
Normalcy Calm political and social order. End to foreign involvement.
Communism Government owns all property and makes nearly all decisions.
Red Scare A fear of Russian Communist form of government. Urged workers around the world to overthrow capitalist governments.
Radicalism Favoring EXTREME changes in tradition.
Flapper 1920's "liberated" woman. Carefree young women with new freedoms.
21st Amendment Ending the ban on liquor.
Great Depression Period of low business activity in the U.S. Roughly beginning with the stock-market crash in October, 1929, and continuing through most of the 1930's.
Recession A downward turn in business activity.
Dust Bowl Surface soil is blown off by the wind and dust storms occur.
Poverty Poor, lacking money or materials goods.
Migrant Workers A person who moves from place to place to get work. Farm laborer who harvests crops seasonally.
Bonus Army World War I veterans who marched on Washington to receive their army bonus.
The New Deal FDR's plan to help the economy recover and get people jobs.
Social Security Act (SSA) Tax on money made by workers and employers.
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Created jobs by building dams to use hydro-electricity.
Fascism Political system that calls for extreme nationalism, racism, and not tolerance to opposition. Headed by a dictator.
Jazz Uses dynamic rhythms based on African American music.
Talkie Movies with sound. The Jazz Singer - Name of the first talking movie.
Created by: SSC 8th LA