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Texas History vocab.

Texas History vocabulary words

Exiled To be forced to leave the country
Cattle Rustler A person who steals cattle
Land Grant System A method of land dispution in which a person is issued a certificate for land, hires a surveyor to mark off a plot of land. Pays a Surveyor
Emigrate To leave one country or region and move to another
Upper South The United States region that included the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina
Lower South The region of the United States that includes the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana
Manumission The freeing of slaves
Empresarios ( Spanish name) For a person who puts together buissness deals.
Framers A person who draws up and produces something, such as a constitution
Veto The authority to prevent the passage of a law
Judiciary A branch of government, whom resolves legal issues and hands out justice
Manifest Destiny The belief that the United States had the right and the duty to expand to the Pacific Ocean
Dispute A conflict
Negotiated To reach an agreement through compromise
Cession The granting of land by one country to another
Permanent School Fund A fund that provides money for public schools
Popular Sovereignty Allowing states to decide for themselves whether or not to permit slavery
Proslavery Want slavery are slave states
Antislavery Did not like the idea of slaves are non-slave states
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