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Roman Republic-Huff

Unit test ancient Rome

There are two major mountain ranges in Italy, the Alps and ? Apennines
Italy is surrounded by water on three sides which makes it a ? Peninsula
Mount Vesuvius is a ? mountain. Volcanic
Rome is on the ? River. Tiber
The climate in Italy is similar to ?. Southern California
? carried his father from the burning city of Troy. Aeneas
The founders of Rome were twins named ? & ? who were raised by a wolf. Romulus & Remus
Which twin killed the other because he mocked him? Romulus killed Remus
Which kings built huge temples and Rome's first sewers? The Etruscan kings
A ? is a government that people elect leaders. Republic
? are rulers with almost absolute power. Dictators
This dictator was a farmer who defeated Rome's enemies then resigned. Cincinnatus
? were common people who were peasants and craftsmen. Plebeians
Wealthy citizens that once controlled all aspects of government were called? Patricians
What were the three parts of Rome's government called tripartite? Magistrates, Senate and Assemblies
Which group in the tripartite represented the plebeians? Assemblies and Tibunes
Which group of the tripartite served for life? Senate
The method of balancing power was called? Checks and balances
The law of the ? governed many part of Rome. Twelve Tables
Table IX states that no one in Rome ? could be executed without a trial
The 12 Tables were displayed in the ? Forum
Roman's wrote their laws because ? People were being punished for laws they didn't know existed
Government records were kept in the ? Tabularium
The Temple of Jupiter stood atop of ? Capitoline Hill
The Punic Wars were fought between Rome and ? Carthage
Who used about 80 war elephants to invade Rome? Hannibal
The death of which brothers made Romans start to use violence as a political weapon? Tiberius and Gaius Grachhus
Who allowed poor people to join Rome's army? Marius
Which former gladiators/slave led an unsuccessful revolt for freedom? Spartacus
Who created a conflict with Marius that caused a civil war? Lucius Cornelius Sulla
Created by: Huff-206



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