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Early- Monopoly

What was the purpose of the Mayflower compact? First steps toward Democracy
New England Town meetings were designed to have? Democratic process
What was the Proclamation line? The boundary that the Colonists could not cross?
Where was the Proclamation line located? Appalachian Mountains
What war caused the Proclamation line? French & Indian War
Who was John Locke? European Enlightenment Philosopher
What was Locke's theory? Everyone had natural rights
What are your natural rights? Life, liberty, pursuit of property
What did Thomas Paine write? Common Sense
What was the Common Sense about? To inspire the colonist to rebel against the British
No taxation without representation means You can't take my money without my consent
What is the characteristic of Democracy? Citizens are the source of power
Who was President during the Civil War? Abraham Lincoln
What was Lincoln's goal during the Civil War? Preserve the Union
What was Manifest Destiny Westward Expansion
Which war was used to justify Manifest Destiny? Mexican American War
What was the Dawes Act? Law to assimilate Native Americans, take their land away
What was the Trail of tears? Forceful removal of Native Americans to reservations
Who was the President responsible for the Trail of Tears? Andrew Jackson
Who are the nativists? Americans that don't like immigrants
Why don't nativists like immigrants? immigrants take away jobs
Who came here because of the potato famine? Irish
What was wrong with the Irish? They were Catholics
What was the 13th Amendment? Abolished slavery
What was the 14th Amendment? Gave African American citizenship
What was the 15th Amendment? Right to vote for African American males
What were Jim Crow laws? Segregation laws in the south
What was the Plessy v Ferguson case? legalized segregation in the south
What were literacy exams? Test to stop black people for voting
What were poll taxes? Taxes to stop black people for voting
What were black codes? Rules to stop black people from getting jobs, testifying in court
What did black people become after the Civil War? Sharecroppers
What kind of company did Andrew Carnegie have? Steel
What kind of company did John D. Rockefeller have? Oil
What is a monopoly? When a company dominates that industry and has no competition
What is another name for a monopoly? A Trust
What can a corporation do? Raise capital by selling shares/ stocks
What is Social Darwinism? Survival of the fittest
What is Laissez faire? No government regulations
Industrial Revolution means Farm life to factory life
Rural means Farm life
Urban means City life
What is a Robber Baron? A business leader that uses ruthless tactics
What is a Philanthropists? Someone who donates to charity
Created by: ygarcia13