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South East india

Something that helps

A fortress, typically on high ground, protecting or dominating Citadel
The supreme god worshiped by Hindus Brahman
Actions that affect future lives Karma
The cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material Samsara
The human soul Atman
The release from Samara and being untied with the supreme god, Brahman Mosha
Awakened one Buddha
One who abandons wordily things Ascetic
Spiritual wise men Brahmins
Seasonal winds that bring warm humid weather and heavy rainfall Monsoon
A system in which people's position in society is determined by their birth into a particular social class Caste System
Ancient scared writings of India Vedas
The first written language of India Sanskirt
A teacher Guru
The belief that after a person dies, his or her soul is reborn into another body Reincarnation
In Buddhism, a state of perfect, happiness and peace Nirvana
A Buddhism shrine, usually dome-shaped Stupa
A person who travels to holy stites Pilgrim
An area built up by rich fertile soil left by river floods Alluvial Plain
An island formed from a coral reef Atoll
To refuse to buy items from a particular country or company Boycott
Hiring workers in other countries to do a set of jobs Outsourcing
A large land area that is isolated from the rest of a continent Subcontinent
Random Random
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