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Sparta & Athens 9.2

Ancient Greece

Alliance An agreement to work together - allies.
Helots Slaves in Spartan society.
Describe the Peloponnesian War: What was a major cause of the war between the city-states? A war between Sparta and Athens in 431 BC. -Greek cities feared Athens would take control of all Greece.
What did boys in Athens learn? A good balance of training in military skills as well as academics arts and culture.
What did boys in Sparta learn? Only trained in military skills from a very early age.
Why did women need to be strong and healthy in Sparta? To be strong in order to bear strong children, especially boys for the military.
At what age did Spartan men finish serving in the military? Age 60
What was the most important part of life in Sparta? Military life and preparing for battle.
What was the result of the Peloponnesian War? Sparta won and became the most powerful city-state in Greece. This lasted for 30 years.
What did poor boys in Athens learn to do? They became farmers and grew food for the wealthy.
Why did women in Sparta have more freedom than those of Athens? They were in charge when the men were away at war. They could own property.
Why did Spartans value warfare and not creativity? They thought it would make them weak; their focus was on war training.
What subject did the Athenians believe people should study to become better citizens? The arts- literature, music, artistic talents.
What was the punishment to Spartan boys if caught stealing food? Whipping (flogging)
Describe ATHENS - military training Athens: Training for only 2 years. Education was just as important.
Describe SPARTA - military training Sparta: Boys trained from age 7 in very difficult training. They devoted their lives to the military.
Describe ATHENS - women in society Athens: They were housewives who stayed home and only left on special occasions.
Describe SPARTA - women in society Sparta: Could own property and were in charge when men were away at war. Women needed to be physically fit to bear strong babies.
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