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Ind. Rev. & Reform

The early Industrial Revolution and the Reform Movement in the 1800s.

This invention made it easier to remove seeds from cotton. The cotton gin.
What was Elizabeth Cady Stanton most famous for? She attended the Seneca Falls Convention and worked for women's suffrage- a woman's right to vote.
Susan B. Anthony was mostly involved as a leader with which movement? The women's suffrage movement
This biblical nickname was given to Harriet Tubman. The Moses of her People
This transportation device helped connect the Eastern United States with the Western United States. the train/railroad/steam locomotive
Frederick Douglass was a writer and a leader in which famous movement? The abolition movement, the movement to abolish (end) slavery.
This famous American made nineteen trips between the South and the North helping people escape from slavery. Harriet Tubman
Early in her life, Susan B. Anthony participated in this movement, which increased her desire to fight for equal rights. Early in her life, Anthony participated in the abolition movement, the movement against slavery.
This powerful preacher and speaker spoke up for women's rights and for the abolition movement. Sojourner Truth
Why were steam engines especially important at this time? Steam engines made both water and land transportation quicker, easier, and cheaper.
The West contained many rich resources. This device allowed Americans to take advantage of those resources. The train/railroad/steam locomotive
This invention of the early 1800s allowed Americans to communicate faster and farther than ever before. The telegraph
A farmer could grow either cotton or tobacco. Prices for both are quite high. It costs more to produce tobacco, and it takes longer to grow tobacco. Which should the farmer grow? Specializing in cotton would probably earn the most profit.
In the 1800s, why did people in large cities specialize in certain trades (jobs)? By specializing in specific trades (jobs), they could often find jobs and earn a living.
Opportunity cost is a lot like a _____. Trade-off. You trade away something now for a bigger payoff in the future.
If City A makes goods and City B buys them, what will City A probably do? City A will probably make even more goods.
In a voluntary exchange, both sides _____ from the exchange. Benefit. Benefit means that the exchange is good for both sides.
Why is trade with other countries good for the USA? Trading with other countries provides more goods to both countries.
How did many Northerners improve their lives in the 1800s? Many Northerners moved to cities and specialized in specific trades (jobs).
This route connected the Hudson River in the east with the Great Lakes further in the west. The Erie Canal
The Erie Canal was difiicult and espensive to build. Why was it worth the time and money? The Erie Canal increased trade between Eastern states and states and territories west of the Appalachian Mountains.
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