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Norman Conquest GA

Norman Conquest Golden Age

Who were the Anglo-Saxons? English people before 1066
Who was at the top of the hierarchy of the Anglo-Saxon society? The king (Edward the Confessor), responsible for all the laws, best warrior, defend the country, only 1 king
Who was second in the hierarchy of the Anglo-Saxon society? Earls (Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex), advised the king on how to run the country, formed the witan, owned lots of land, but not allowed army, 6 of them
Who was third in the hierarchy of the Anglo-Saxon society? Thegns, ran local areas, collected taxes, kept law and order, owned over 250 acres, 5000 of them
Who was forth in the hierarchy of the Anglo-Saxon society? Ceorls, just an ordinary person, about a million of them
Who was fith in the hierarchy of the Anglo-Saxon society? Thralls (slaves) 10% of the population
Bad things about this? 10% of population are slaves. Big divide in poor and rich
Good things about this? Had a working system. Had law and order.
What good things were there for women at the time? Women could own land, in monasteries women were in charge, women were allowed to get divorced, value of a woman was the same as the value of a man
What bad things were there for women at the time? Stories of men buying women slaves raping them and selling them on.
Was it a "golden" time for women? Yes, as only one bad thing and that only applies to the women in 10% of the population
Who was St Dunstan in the tale of the two priests (not actually called that)? St Dunstan was a monk, became Arch Bishop of Canterbury. Any money he gained he spent on the church. Said priests shouldn't marry. Insisted clergy learn to read/write
Who was Stigand in the tale of the two priests (not actually called that)? Became Arch Bishop of Canterbury while being Bishop of Winchester, sinned for pluralism and simony (selling jobs for highest bidder). Gained lots of land while Arch Bishop.
Was England Catholic? Yes, but still kept old beliefs, like witchcraft, elves, goblins and magic items. Pope thought we weren't proper Catholics
Was the church "golden" during this time then? Mostly bad, but some good things. St Dunstan very good for the Church, but Stigand was the opposite, also pope didn't see them as proper Catholics
What good things were in the art scene at the time? Anglo Saxon crafts men were best in Europe, using precious metals, trading, Bayeux Tapestry made by Anglo-Saxons
What good things were in the literature scene at the time? Made a scientific book, with a picture of a half man, half lion creature. Shows travel and prosperity
What good things were in the fiction scene at the time? Beowulf, poem written about the Vikings, shows we adopt other cultures
What good things were in the history scene at the time? Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, book about history of Britain since the Romans,
What good things were in the building scene at the time? Built castles built of wood (burhs) one in Wallingford, built stone churches (Westminster Abbey) not as good as Normans buildings as they were all in stone.
Was art "golden" during this time then? Yes, nothing bad about it.
Was it "golden" overall? Mostly was a golden age, women had it good, good in the art scene, society was ordered. Only bad thing was the Church. MOST IMPORTANTLY Normans wanted to invade.
Created by: MattTheBoiInit
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