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6 Hist Ch 9 BJU

15th of march when is the Ides of March
a factor that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire the government raised taxes to pay for the army and governmental officials
AD 476 date of the fall of the Roman Empire
Assembly of Centuries the branch of the Roman Republic that voted on new laws and made declarations of war
Bible - teaches that God has eternally existed and that He created the world - teaches that a person must first be changed by God to do works that are pleasing to Hi
Caesar Augustus issued a decree that fulfilled the prophecy of the Messiah's birth in Bethlehem
Carthage violated its treaty with Rome the socond Punic war began because of this
cause&effect; Rome's armies could travel to all its provinces because the Romans constructed over fifty thousand miles of roads
Cicero the master of Latin prose and an orator
Colosseum had arches as its main architectural feature
consuls the branch of the Roman Republic that managed the affairs of government and commanded the army
cultures from the East and West blended and changed philosophies, religious ideas, and inventions were traded because of this
Epicureans held the belief that happiness is achieved through simple pleasures and peace of mind
Gregorian the calendar used by most countries
his army marched across the Alps because Hannibal wanted to avoid being seen by the Romans
Ides of March Day when Julius Caesar was assassinated
Nero ordered Christians to be put to death by crucifixion or burning
Nero's persecutions strengthened Christian's faith in Christ
Pantheon had a dome as its main architectural feature
Pax Romana a period of prosperity and peace
plebeians the social class that struggled to gain social and political equality
Punic Wars 3 major wars between Rome and Carthage
republic a government ruled by laws and representatives chosen by the people
Roman Forum a public meeting place
Senate the branch of the Roman Republic that controlled the finances and passed the laws
Stoics -believed that there is no beginning or end to the universe - believed their good behavior would make them good people
taxes Publicans collected higher amounts of these than needed and kept the extra money for themselves
the Roman army was almost completely wiped out because Hannibal's soldiers formed a U-shaped trap around the enemy
tribe a group of people who share common ancestors and a common culture
tribunes leaders who protected the rights and interests of the common people
Triumvirate formed by the 3 men: Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar
Virgil the great Roman poet who wrote the Aeneid
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