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French IV Verbs

184 wonderful french verbs...

to accompany accompagner
to help aider
to like/love aimer
to add ajouter
to light/turn on allumer
to bring apporter
to stop/arrest arreter (circomflex over e)
to pull out arracher
to catch attraper
to bathe baigner
to lower baisser
to chatter bavarder
to blame blamer (circomflex over a)
to wound/hurt blesser
to shine briller
to break/smash briser
to brush brosser
to burn bruler (circomflex over u)
to hide cacher
to break casser
to chat causer
to stop cesser
to sing chanter
to hunt/chase chasser
to warm/heat chauffer
to look for chercher
to command/order commander
to count/intend compter
to advise conseiller
to cut couper
to cost couter (circomflex over u)
to shout crier
to dance danser
to tear dechirer (agu over e)
to breakfast/lunch dejeuner (agu over e)
to ask (for) demander
to live demeurer
to spend (money) depenser (agu over e)
to wish/want desirer (agu over e)
to draw dessiner
to dine diner (circomflex over i)
to divide diviser
to give donner
to doubt douter
to last durer
to fail echouer (agu over e)
to burst eclater (agu over e)
to listen (to) ecouter (agu over e)
to kiss embrasser
to prevent empecher (circomflex over 2nd e)
to borrow emprunter
to delight enchanter
to teach enseigner
to surround entourer
to enter entrer
to wrap envelopper
to marry epouser (agu over e)
to sneeze eternuer (agu over e)
to astonish etonner (agu over e)
to study etudier (agu over e)
to wake (up) eveiller (agu over e)
to avoid eviter (agu over e)
to explain expliquer
to express exprimer
to manufacture fabriquer
to congratulate feliciter (agu over e)
to close fermer
to strike/knock frapper
to rub frotter
to smoke fumer
to earn/win gagner
to keep garder
to waste gaspiller
to spoil gater (circomflex over a)
to slip/slide glisser
to taste gouter (circomflex over u)
to scold gronder
to live in habiter
to hesitate hesiter (agu over e)
to not know/be unaware of ignorer
to interest interesser (agu over 1st e)
to play jouer
to swear jurer
to leave/let laisser
to wash laver
to praise/hire/rent louer
to lack/miss manquer
to walk/go marcher
to mix meler (circomflex over e)
to deserve meriter (agu over e)
to go (come) up monter
to show montrer
to name nommer
to order ordonner
to dare oser
to remove/take off oter (circomflex over o)
to forget oublier
to forgive pardonner
to speak/talk parler
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