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IGHS Winkels

US History Chapter 19 Study Guide

Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria
Conscientious Objector a person who was opposed to the draft and refused to serve in the military
Neutrality many countries in Europe did not want to get involved in WWI or WWII until April 1917
Allied Powers Russia, France, United States, and Great Britain during WWI
Lusitania Brisish passenger ship sunk by German U-Boats, killing 128 Americans
Zimmerman Note telegram intercepted from a German official proposing an alliance with Mexico
American Expeditionary Forces US troops during WWI, led by Gen. Jack Pershing
doughboys nickname for an infantryman during WWI
reparations payments for economic injury and devastation exacted from a defeated army
Liberty Bonds certificates sold by girl and boy scouts to raise money for the war effort
Armistice cease-fire during a war, particularly at he end of World War I in 1918
Schliffen Plan Germany's plan to invade and conquer all of its neighbors and others in Europe
U-Boats German submarines during WWI
Poppies the flowers that were growing wild on the fields of France where many men died
Propaganda types of information that are used to convince people to think negatively or positively about issues
The event that triggered WWI assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie
The use of modern weapons changed old war strategies and led to an overpowering offense
Preparedness supporters argued that the U.S. should
In 1916 Wilson campaigned on a program of
America's first action after declaring war was to
Most Americans responded to the new draft and the call for volunteers
African Americans fighting in WWI were used mostly
Herbert Hoover's program of voluntary restrictions on food consumption
The Russians left the war early due to
The first few years of WWI
Many senators opposed the Versailles Treaty because
4 main causes of WWI
Fear of spies, sabotage, and espionage in the U.S. during the war resulted in
What helped the women's suffrage movement?
In May 1917, this legislation was passed to draft American men into military service
The US had troops
The 369th Infantry Regiment
The Battle of the Marne
In 47 days of fighting through the Argonne Forest
On November 11, 1918
General Douglas MacArthur
"Shin Fein"
Bob LaFollete of Wisconsin
Jeanette Rankin
Created by: Winkels
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