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Chap. 5 Lundquist

Freedom from rule by others independence
Soldiers who are paid to fight for another country mercenaries
Great Britain was in debt because of the _____________________________. French and Indian War
Because of the war, Britain passed the ___________ _____________. Stamp Act
Since the colonists had no representatives in ___________, they protested. parliament
In 1767, a new set of laws called the _____________was established. This angered the colonists and caused them to______________. Townshend Acts boycott
______________means to give food or shelter to British troops. Quarte
If you are ____________you are undecided, not choosing one side or the other. neutral
During the ___________ _____________, five colonists were killed by British soldiers. Boston Massacre
Letters were delivered to alert different colonies using the __________ ________________. Pony Express
One of the riders for the Pony Express was a Boston silversmith named __________ ___________________. Paul Revere
To sign up for armed service means to ______________. enlist
The ____________is a volunteer army created by colonists. militia
A__________________is a written request for rights or benefits. petition
In 1773, Parliament passed a new law, the _______ _________, which ended up making popular tea more expensive. Tea Act
Members of the __________ ____ ___________disguised themselves and boarded three ships carrying Boston tea. Sons of Liberty
342 chests of tea were thrown into the harbor and this became known as the _____________ _______ ______________. Boston Tea Party
Parliament and ______________ ______________ were furious about the Boston Tea Party and passed some laws which the colonists called the _____________ __________. King George III Intolerable Acts
In 1774, representatives for all the colonies except Georgia created the ___________ _______________ ______________ and agreed to stop all trade with Britain. First Continental Congress
Each colony agreed to train a ________________. militia
Created by: Mrs. Logan
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