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Review Sem 2


Brazil has great trading with many countries in N. America, and Europe because it is located on the __ Ocean Atlantic
Where is Brazil's most arable land found? In SW Brazil = the most arable land; the Amazon Rainforest is in the northern region of Brazil = not arable land.
Citizens of Brazil and Mexico have the right to __, but the citizens of Cuba do not. VOTE
What happened when the British colonized Australia? The Aborigines were discriminated against. The indigenous population decreased, the culture of the Aborigines changed.
Which country grows a lot of sugar cane? Brazil or Cuba? Cuba grows a lot of sugarcane
Which type of government are citizens likely to elect their leader? democracy
Based on its location, which Latin American country represents the largest immigrant group in the U.S.? Mexico
Most Latin American countries....elect... members of legislature AND head of government
What connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean? the Panama Canal
The United States opposed the communist government and the Soviet Union offered Cuba protection during the..... Cuban Revolution and Cuban Missile Crisis
How is present-day Latin America different because of the Columbian Exchange? Most Latin Americans speak Spanish or Portuguese, the religion is Catholic
How does the government in Cuba differ from Mexico's government? Cuba is governed by a dictator
Which country in the Americas is the only communist nation in the western hemisphere? Cuba
Why would a person emigrate from the US Latin America to the U.S.? the level of poverty in Latin America encourages people to pursue better job opportunities
Why is Brazil's government considered a presidential democracy? Citizens elect the president and the legislative branch
What religion is most of Latin America? Why? Roman Catholic. The countries that colonized Latin America most likely were Roman Catholic.
How did the shortage of labor lead to the importation of African Slaves? Europeans killed off the natives due to warfare and disease, therefore African slave were brought to the New World because they were immune to diseases.
How did the Triangular trade impact the cultural identity of Latin America Today? Intermarriage occurred between the Europeans and the Africans creating a new culture of people. Africans brought their religion, food, clothing and language.
What is the difference between a presidential and parliamentary democracy? in a presidential democracy, the leader (president) is voted for directly. In a parliamentary democracy, the leader (prime minister) is voted for INDIRECTLY.
What kind of economic system does Mexico and Brazil have? MIXED economy
How is Cuba's economy different than Mexico and Brazil's economy? Cuba is closer to a Command economy
Why did the Soviet Union and Cuba trade after the Cuban Revolution? Their governments were both communist and they both had command economies. The U.S. disagreed with a communist government and stopped trading with Cuba.
Mexico makes a lot of its money by exporting which natural resource? OIL
What is an advantage to saving $ when you are younger? You will have MORE $ when you get older!
What happened when Castro took over after the Cuban Revolution? He promised to establish a democracy but established communism instead. He took over all US businesses (and said HOOO HAA HAA).
What is human capital? training and education
What are capital goods? factories, technology, or anything that is needed to create products/goods/services
South America was mainly colonized by which 2 countries? Spain and Portugal
A result of colonization of the Spaniards means that the people there will probably speak which language? Spanish
Brazil was colonized by Portugal. Which language is mainly spoken in Brazil? Portuguese
Australia has a lot of minerals. This means that Australia is able to trade with other countries or ____ minerals. EXPORT
When countries spend money on education, this means they are investing in __ __ human capital
When countries spend $ on updating factories and technology, this means there is an investment in __ ___ capital goods
What is the largest country in Latin America ? Brazil
Australia invests in capital goods and human capital. What does this mean? Australia will have a higher standard of living, a higher literacy rate, and a higher GDP
If the legislative branch selects the head of the executive branch (head of government) it is which type of democracy? Parliamentary democracy. Citizens vote for MPs (members of parliament) & the MP with the most votes is asked to be PM (prime minister)
Which issue would the Mexican "One Day without a Car" address? the extreme air pollution in Mexico City
What is Brazil's environmental issue? deforestation/logging/clear cutting
What is an effect of the destruction of the rain forest? many plants and wild life would become extinct + less oxygen
What would be a result of increased industrial and auto air pollution in Mexico City? development of eye irritations and breathing problems
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