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Ramp Agent

Study Guide

These tags are waterproof and are placed on the baggage by the Ticket Agent, at the airline ticket counter in the front of the airline terminal... Computer Bag Tag
What information does the Computer Bag Tag contain? Routing information, passenger name, the time when the passenger checked in and the initials of the agent performing the check-in
How much are Coach passengers required to pay for baggage fees? $25.00 per bag
For Coach passengers what is the maximum weight limit and length for a bag? 50lbs and 62 inches
How much will it cost passengers for an additional bag? 35.00-40.00 and higher
Ramp Agents main duties include: - placing checked bags into aircraft - marshaling aircraft - Servicing aircraft with ground power - ground air conditioning or heat - choking and un-choking
Baggage with one hour or less connection time is considered ... HOT
Baggage has more than one hour to be connected ... COLD
If bags do not fit in overhead compartments it is required to check their bag and be issued a ____________. carry-on luggage tag
CAGPT stands for? Check and Give Protection To
A CAGPT baggage tag is used by Delta for insured bags or international bags containing a __________. Firearm
This type of baggage tag is used for misrouted or delayed bags... EXPEDITE (Rush)
Companies use this type of transport for items that are not time sensitive... General Freight
What are the two categories for items shipped? Stand-by or Bumped
DASH stand for? Delta Airlines Special Handling
DASH is more _______ and is checked for a _________ flight. expensive, specific
COMAT stands for? COmpany MATerial
AOG stands for? Aircraft-On-Ground
COMAT that has an AOG sticker should receive _____________. Highest priority
FAA stands for? Federal Aviation Administration
Animals are not allowed to travel on ___________. Baggage belts
______________ kennels may be booked per flight. One large or two medium/ small sized
The Captain of the aircraft must be notified that an _____________. animal is boarded
When shipping an animal __________ can never be in the cargo compartment with the animal. dry ice
AMF stands for? Air Mail Facility
The center-point of an aircraft is called ... the Center-of- Gravity or CG
Ramp Agents responsibilities are to... load aircraft correctly and safely
A Cargo Load Report is to ... keep track of the amount of weight being loaded on an aircraft
The Cargo Load Report must be kept until the end of the day and is subject to ... an audit by the FAA
Each Cargo Load Report contains:
Created by: Aspen Glasper
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