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Civil War Part Two

Ulysses S. Grant I was the General over the Union Army at the end of the war.
Stonewall Jackson I was known for encouraging my men not to give up and to "stand as still as a wall of stone."
Abraham Lincoln I was elected the sixteenth President in 1860.
Robert E. Lee I was the General over the Confederate Army.
Jefferson Davis I became President of the Confederacy.
William Sherman I was the Union General that had his troops "March to the Sea."
What was one way African Americans who served the Union's War effort? They engaged in combat.
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? A statement giving the freedom to slaves in all Confederate states still at war with the Union.
Describe the Battle of Gettysburg. The three day struggle was won by the North.
What were some of the effects of new military technology of the Civil War? More accurate weapons resulted in huge casualties.
How did the resources of the North compare to those of the South? The North had more resources than the South.
What war strategy was used by the Union Army? Blockade
What was an advantage that the South thought they had to help win the war? Southerner's rural lifestyle better prepared soldiers for war.
Why did Sherman's Army burn almost the entire city of Atlanta after capturing it? To destroy the people's will to fight.
What was made clear in the Gettysburg Address? A united nation and the end of slavery were worth fighting for.
What is the result of total war? The people's will to fight is destroyed.
What did women do to help contribute to the war effort? Cared for soldiers, ran businesses, and were spies.
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