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Unit 7

Enlightenment and Revolutions

Absolute Ruler A ruler who has largely unchecked power; all power was centralized in the monarch
Divine Rights The idea that God has determined their place on the throne
King Louis XIV King of France Claimed he was "The State" Built the Palace of Versailles
Ivan The Terrible Ruler of Russia Converted Orthodox Church into Church of Russia Changed society into nobles,peasants, and serfs
Peter The Great Had St. Petersburg serve as the "gateway to the west" Began development of modern weapons Modernize and westernize Russia
Charles I King of England Abused rights in Magna Cartha Parliament revolted against Charles
King George III King of England Pushed taxes on colonist An absolute ruler
The English Civil War War between Charles I forces (Cavaliers) and Parliament (Roundheads), Parliament wins and New Model Army leader, Oliver Cromwell takes charge and establishes the Commonwealth period
The Roundheads Forces of Parliament
The Cavaliers Forces of King Charles I
The Restoration of The Monarchy Parliament invites Charles II to take throne Charles II gave throne to James II due to not feeling obligated to the throne
The Glorious Revolution Parliament invites William and Mary to take throne James II flees to France Mary and William grant an English Bill of Rights
The English Bill of Rights Grants that Parliament controls revenue Parliament cannot be dissolved by the monarch
Thomas Hobbes Believed absolutism is necessary Believes government has to control people
The Leviathan Written by Thomas Hobbes
John Locke Believes government should protect natural rights Believes in state of nature Believes people are born free and equal
Two Treatises on Government Written by John Locke
Baron De Montesquieu Believed in separation of power to prevent absolutism Proposed for government power to be divided
In The Spirit of Laws Written by Charles Montesquieu
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Believes people are born good,free and equal Believes in direct democracy Believes in forming government to help sustain each other
The Social Contract Written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Voltaire Believes in separation of church and state Believes government should protect religious freedom Believes all religion should have freedom
The American Revolution Constitution includes separation of powers from Montesquieu Bill of Rights inspired by Enlightenment
The French Revolution Caused by absolutism, no money, lack of food and estates general Establishment of the Committe of Public Safety Napoleon swoops in and defends France
The Storming of The Bastille People revolt and "storm"the Bastile, military joins the mob
Louis XVI King of France Sent troops to disband 3rd Estate Trailed for treason and was executed
The Reign of Terror Radical phase that left a huge amount of people dead
Maximillian Robespierre Executed enemies of the state Introduced guilotine
Napoleon Defends France's boarders Overthrow the government and declare himself emperor
Napoleonic Code A scribe that stated the new laws
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