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industrial rev.

industrial revolution

capatilst people who invest capital,or money, in a business to earn a profit.
industrial revolution a period of major industrialization that took place in the 1800s goes from horse and hand to machines
interchangable parts identical pieces that could be assembled quickly by unskilled workers.
famine shortage of food; hunger
cotton gin sped up the processing of cotton
urbanization when people move from rural areas to city areas
factory system brings workers and machinery together in one place
discrimination choosing to dislike and punish someone based off their race them to do
Morse invented the telegraph. Factories in the West can now communicate to the East.
Slater known as the man who “created” the industrial revolution by inventing the first ever successful textile mill.
Lowell him and his partners created a spinning mill that combined spinning and weaving in one building. His factories in Lowell hired young women. Started factory town
north economy was based off of manufacturing and some trade
south economy based off agriculture and slavery
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