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Immigration & Urban

20/21st - Davis - SVHS - Immigration & Urbanization

Angel Island Immigration processing station in San Francisco Bay primary for Asian Immigrants
Ellis Island Immigration processing station in New York that processed thousands of European Immigrants a day
Nativism the favoring of native born Americans
Melting Pot a mix of people from different cultures and races
Assimilation making people from different cultures become more "American"
Urbanization the growth of cities as a result of industrialization, immigration, & technological developments in agriculture
Social Gospel Movement preached salvation through service to the poor
Settlement Houses community centers in slum neighborhoods
Birds of Passage immigrants who intended to stay temporarily to earn money and then return to their homeland
Political Machine an organized group that controlled the activities of a political party in a city
Why did immigrants come to America? the promise of a better life, to escape difficult conditions, and looking for opportunity
What opportunities in the U.S. attracted the Chinese? Gold Rush, Railroad, Farming, & as Domestic Servants
What challenges were immigrants faced with once admitted into the country? finding a place to live, getting a job, and getting along in daily life
Immigrants from the "right countries" were? British, German, & Scandinavian
Immigrants from the "wrong countries" were? Slav, Latin, & of Asiatic races
Government sponsored programs taught immigrants skills needed for citizenship included? English literacy, American History/Government, Cooking, & Social Etiquette
What group of people migrated to the North from the South due to technilogical developments in agriculture that cost them their jobs? African Americans
Who was the reformer through his pictures hoped for change and influenced many? Jacob Riis
Who was the most famous member of the Settlement Movement (founded Hull House in Chicago)? Jane Addams
Why did the immigrants consider themselves as “hyphenated” Americans? because they were committed to their own culture, but also trying hard to become Americans
What made up a political machine? precint workers & captains, ward bosses, city bosses, & the politicians they worked to get elected
The "Boss" of the political machine typically held what position? mayor
Precint captains & ward bosses were often _________________? 1st or 2nd generation immigrants
What did these political machines help immigrants with? naturalization, jobs, and housing
What did the "Boss" have control over in the city? jobs, business licenses, and influenced the court system
When the "Boss" reached out to help those of the city in various ways what were they aking for in return? votes for a candidate they were supporting
___________ was common among political bosses to allow illegal activities such as gambling. Graft
____________became head of Tammany Hall, NYC’s powerful Democratic political machines William "Boss" Tweed
The system of hiring government officials had been based on _________ giving jobs and favors to those who helped a candidate get elected. patronage
Reformers pushed for an adoption of a ________________of hiring the most qualified for civil service jobs based on their performance on an exam. merit system
The ______________________ of 1883 authorized a bipartisan commission to make appointments for federal jobs based on performance on civil service examination. The Pendleton Civil Service Act
Created by: davissvhs