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Word Module 2 & 3

By default, the Normal style places, _______ points of blank space after each paragraph. 8
By default, the Normal Style inserts a vertical space equal to ____ line (s) between each line of text. 1.08
Headers print in top margin ______ inch from the top of every page. one-half
Each time the _____ key is pressed the paragraph formatting in the previous paragraph is carried forward to the next paragraph. ENTER
The shortcut keys used to center a paragraph are ____. CTRL+E
To decrease a font size, use the _____ shortcut keys. CTRL+SHIFT+<
To right align a paragraph, use the ____ shortcut keys. CTRL+R
Although you can use a dialog box to indent paragraphs, Word provides a quicker way through the ________. horizontal ruler
The _________ feature automatically corrects spelling, capitalization, or grammar errors as you type them. AutoCorrect
If you want to remove the AutoCorrect Options button from the screen, you can press the ____ key. ESC
A(n) ____ is a placeholder for data whose contents can change. field
A tag name is an identifier that links a(n) ___ to a source. citation
Footnote text is ______. single-spaced, left aligned, and a smaller font size than the text in the research paper
One way to delete a note is to click immediately to the left of the note reference mark in the document text and then press the ___ key twice DELETE
According to the MLA style , the ______ is a list of sources that are referenced directly in a research paper. works cited page
Word shades fields ____ on the screen. gray
The Office _____ is a temporary storage area. Clipboard
_____ is the process of copying an item from the Office Clipboard into the document at the location of the insertion point. Pasting
With _____ editing, Word automatically displays a Paste Options button near the pasted or moved text. drag and drop
A thesaurus can be used to look up ____, or a word similar to the meaning to a given word. synonym
A _____ is a book of synonyms. thesaurus
One way to add a correctly spelled word to the custom dictionary is to click the _____ button in the Spelling and Grammar dialog box. Add to Dictionary
Business documents can include all of the following EXCEPT _____. personal letters
A letterhead should contain all of the following EXCEPT_______. the company's objective
All of the following are guidelines about the appearance of letterhead elements EXCEPT________. make the font size of your name the same size as the rest of the text in the letterhead
Word provides a ________ button, which increases the font size of the selected text each time you tap or click the button. Increase Font Size
The Increase Font Size button appears on the _____ tab. HOME
If you click the Increase Font Size button too many times and make the font size too big, you can click the ___________ until the desired font size is displayed. Decrease Font Size
Files containing ______ are available from a variety of sources, graphics
To display the Color gallery, with the graphic selected, click the Color button in the ______ group on the PICTURES TOOLS FORMAT tab. Adjust
Having used the Color gallery to change the color of a graphic, with the graphic selected, click ______ in the Color gallery to change a graphic back to its original color. No Recolor
You can make one color in a graphic ______, that is, removing its color. transparent
You would make a color in a graphic ______ if you wanted to remove part of a graphic or see text or colors behind a graphic. transparent
A _______ symbol is another name for a dot symbol. bullet
Typing text, followed by two hyphens, followed by more text and then a space changes the two hyphens to a _________. em dash
To convert a hyperlink to regular text, right-click the hyperlink and then click _____ on the shortcut menu. Remove Hyperlink
In a business letter, the ____________, if present, begins two lines below the last line of the inside address. salutation
In a business letter, type the __________ at least four blank lines below the complimentary close, allowing room for the author to sign his or her name. signature block
Word, by default places a tab stop every ____ mark on the ruler. .5"
Each time you press the ______ key, Word carries forward custom tab stops to the next paragraph. ENTER
In the _____ letter style, all components of the letter begin flush with the left margin. block
In the _______ letter style, the date, complimentary close, and the signature block are positioned approximately one-half inch to the right of center or at the right margin. modified-block
Pressing the ______ key instructs Word to replace a building block name with the stored building block entry. F3
To advance rightward from one cell to the next in a table, press the ____ key. TAB
All of the following are vertical alignment options EXCEPT _______. middle
The Bullets button is available on the HOME tab of the Ribbon in the _______ group. Paragraph
When you press the __________ key without entering any text after the automatic bullet character, Word turns off the automatic bullet feature. ENTER
To print a mailing label, click the Labels button on the MAILINGS tab in the group. create
Created by: gracie.prince07