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APUSH Ch. 28

Progressivism The first attempt to answer the questions that arose from the changes of such magnitude
"Wealth Against Commonwealth" Lloyd, talked about the Standard Oil Company
"Theory of the Leisure Class" Veblen, an attack on "predatory wealth" and "conspicuous consumption"
"How the Other Half Lives" Riis, indictment of the dirt, disease, vice, and misery of the rat-gnawed New York slums
Muckrakers Writers of popular magazines that wanted to publicize dirt on people/events
"The Shame of the Cities" Steffens, the corrupt alliance between big business and municipal government
"Frenzied Finance" Lawson, laid bare the practices of his accomplices
"The Treason of the Senate" Philips, stated that 75/90 senators didn't represent the people at all, but the railroads and trusts
"Following the Color Line" Baker, the subjugation of America's 9,000,000 blacks
"The Bitter Cry of Children" Spargo, the abuses of child labor
Purpose and level of government of direct primary elections? Voters could directly propose legislation themselves by bypassing the state legislatures, federal
Purpose and level of government of referendum? To place laws on the ballot for final approval by the people, federal
Purpose and level of government of recall corrupt-practices acts? To enable the voters to remove faithless elected
Purpose and level of government of the Australian Ballot? To counteract boss rule, federal
Purpose and level of government of direct election of senator? The people would directly elect senators, state
Purpose and level of government of women's suffrage? The women's votes would elevate the political tone and the foes of the saloon felt that they could count on the support of enfranchised females, federal
Purpose and level of government of the city-manager system? To take politics out of municipal administration, local
Robert LaFollette Gave control back to the people from corporations, perfected a plan for regulating public utilities
Hiram Johnson Helped break the grip of the Southern Pacific Railroad on California politics, set up a political machine of his own
Charles Evan Hughes Investigator of malpractices by gas and insurance companies and by the coal trust
What areas of reform were women most concerned with? The settlement house movement
Settlement House Movement Exposed middle-class women to the problems plaguing America's cities, gave them skills and confidence to attack these evils, it provided an even broader civic entryway, included literary clubs
National Consumers League Women agitated through this
Women's Bureau Gave female reformers a national stage for social investigation and advocacy
Florence Kelley Former resident of Hull House, state of Illinois' first chief factory inspectors, one of the leading advocates for improved factory conditions, took control of the National Consumers League
Woman's Christian Temperance Union Supported anti-liquor campaigners, largest organization of women in the world
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire 1911, violations of fire code caused factory to become a death trap, 146 died, caused strike by women and stronger laws regulating hours/conditions of work
Muller v. Oregon Brandeis persuaded SC to accept the constitutionality of laws protecting women workers because of harmful effects of factory labor on their "weaker" bodies, outcome: employers took control over the workplace
Lochner v. NY Invalidated a law that established a 10 hour work day for bakers
Square Deal Embraced the control of the corporations, consumer protection, and conservation of natural resources
Anthracite Coal Strike Workers wanted a 20% increase in pay and a 9 hour day, but mine owners wouldn't negotiate, supplies ran low making factories, schools, and hospitals shut down
How did TR respond to the Coal Strike? Threatened to use federal troops to reach a compromise, but the mine owners compromised before then with a 10% pay increase and a 9 hour day
Why was the outcome of the Coal Strike significant? Created the Department of Commerce and Labor and the Bureau of Corporations to probe businesses engaged in interstate commerce
Department of Commerce and Labor Helped stop the arguments between capital and labor
Bureau of Corporations Authorized to probe businesses engaged in interstate commerce and it was helpful in break the monopoly and clearing the road for "trust-busting"
Elkins Act Heavy fines could be imposed on railroads that gave rebates and the shippers that accepted them
Hepburn Act Free passes were severely restricted
Good vs. Bad Trusts Good: trusts with public consciences, bad: trusts which lusted greedily for power
Northern Securities Co. (1904) TR had a n antitrust suit to have them dissolved
J. P. Morgan's U. S. Steel and Tenn. Coal Co. Deal (1907) TR let them absorb the TN Coal and Iron Company
"The Jungle" 1906, Sinclair, wanted to focus on the plight of workers in factories, but described unsanitary food products (filth, disease, putrefaction in Chicago's slaughterhouses)
Meat Inspection Act (1906) Stated that the preparation of meat shipped over state lines would be subject to inspection, and if they passed it, it received the seal of approval on their exports
Pure Food and Drug Act (1906) Designed to prevent the adulteration and mislabeling of foods and pharmaceuticals
Carey Act of 1894 Distributed federal land to the states on the condition that it had to be irrigated and settled
Newlands Act of 1902 Washington was authorized to collect money from the sales of public land in the west and use it for irrigation projects
Expansion of Federal Reserve Lands TR set aside 125 million acres in federal reserves to save them from being cut down
Multiple-Use Resource Management Professional foresters and engineers developed this to combine recreation, sustained-yield logging, watershed protection, and summer stock grazing on federal land
What was the basic cause of the Panic of 1907? TR
Why did businesses blame Roosevelt for the Panic of 1907? He unsettled industries with his tactics
How did TR respond to the public blaming him for the Panic of 1907? He accused rich malefactors of having engineered the crisis to force the government to relax its assaults on trusts
What was the result of the Panic of 1907? The Aldrich-Vreeland Act
Aldrich-Vreeland Act Authorized national banks to issue emergency currency backed by various kinds of collateral
Federal Reserve Act Carried the nation through financial crises of WWI
Insurgents Group of reformist Republicans
Old Guard Group of conservative republicans led by Uncle Joe Cannon (Speaker of the House)
Dollar Diplomacy and effect Washington encouraged Wall Street bankers to donate some of their money to strategic concern to the U. S., the dollar replaced the big stick
What issues drove a wedge between TR Republicans and Taft Republicans and led TR to run in 1912? Taft filed an antitrust suit against the U. S. Steel Corporation which made TR mad because he had been involved in one of the mergers that prompted the suit and the Ballinger-Pinchot quarrel in 1910
New Nationalism Urged the national government to increase its power to remedy economic and social abuses
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