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Figures Sci Rev.

Nicholas Copernicus Studied the idea that the Earth rotated around the sun instead of the other way around.
Tyco Brahe Danish observer and focused on planetary observations.
Johannes Kepler Discovered three laws of planetary motion.
Galileo Galilei One of his focused of the science of motion and astronomy.
Francis Bacon Created the first version of the scientific method
Rene Descartes Founder of modern philosophy (Western).
Robert Boyle A chemist, who helped found the idea of modern chemistry.
Isaac Newton Made Newtons three laws of motion. Another law he made was the Law of Gravitation (Apples + Head = New Law)
When King Louis XIV came to power what was the type of government France have? Absolute monarch
What did King Louis XIV call him self? Sun king
What was one thing that King Louis believed? "L'etat c'est moi" "The state is me"
What was one thing building/monument that King Louis build with all of his money? The massive palace called Versailles
What two weapons were created during the Hundred Year war? The Cannon and the long bow, which cut down the use of knights during war.
What did Peter the Great do to gain new ideas in which he could bring to Russia? He dressed up as a peasant and traveled throughout Europe.
How made the Magma Carta? The Barons forced the king to sign it which helped limit the power of the monarch
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