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Experiments in early Government in US

Who wrote the Articles of Confederation? John Dickinson - 1777
What was the first written plan of government (constitution) for the national government of the United States? The Articles of Confederation
When were the Articles of Confederation in effect? 1781-1788
What did the Articles of Confereation provide for the Americans? Weak National Government with strong State Government. Created a government with limited power.
What powers were granted(strengths) by the Articles of Confederation? Congress could raise armies, declare war and sign treaties.
What powers were withheld(weaknesses) by the Articles of Confederation? Congress could not raise through taxes, regulate trade and collect tariffs.
Who was known as the father of the US Constitution? James Madison
Who served as the President of the Convention? George Washington
Where was the Constitutional Convention held? Independence Hall, Philidelphia, PA. May- September 1787
What caused the nation's leaders to call for a meeting (convention) to "revise" the Articles of Confederation? The weaknesses of the national government
How man delegates(men) represented 12 of the 13 states? 55
What state was not represented at the Constitutional Convention? Rhode Island
What are the three branches of government? Legislative, Executive, Judicial
Who is the Legislative Branch? Congress - Makes the Laws
Who is the Executive Branch? President - Enforces the Laws
Who is the Judicial Branch? Federal Courts - Interprets the Laws
First Federal Constituition of the United States? The Articles of Confederation
What was the Virginia Plan? Large state plan of government that included three branches of government and bicameral legislature.
What was the New Jersey Plan? Small state plan of government that included three branches of government and a unicameral legislature.
What is the Great Comprimse? Plan created that included parts of the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan.
What is Bicameral Legislature? Senate and House of Representatives ( 2 houses of Congress)
What is the Three-Fifths Compromise? 3 out of every 5 slaves would be counted as part of states population in order to determine number of representatives in House of Reps.
What is the purpose of the meeting(Constitutionan Convention)? To resolve the conflicts between the states and create the United States Constitution
The Virginia Plan vs. The New Jersey Plan results in what? The Great Compromise (Connecticut Compromise) the branches represented.
What is the Land Ordinance of 1785? Standardized system whereby settlers could purchase title to farmland in the undeveloped west. Led to the Homestead Act in 1862.
What is the Northwest Ordinance of 1787? Provided a method for admitting new states to the Union from the territory, and listed a bill of rights guaranteed in the territory.
What is a constitution? A written plan of government
What is a bill of rights? Lists of freedoms that a government promises to protect
What was the first national constitution called? Articiles of Confederation
What are 3 weaknesses of the first national government? One vote in congress, congress could not tax, had to ask states for money
What two branches of government were not part of the Articles on Confederation? Executive and Judicial Branches
How did the Northwest Ordinance provide for the growth of the United States? Set up a government for territory lands
What would be outlawed in the new western lands according to the Northwest Ordinance? Slavery
What information did state constitutions include? Citizen rights and power limits on government
Laws must be approved by 9 of the 13 states is a weakness of what? National Govenment of the Articles of Confederation
Establishing a system for surveying the western land and dividing it into townships is? The Land Ordinance of 1785
What ordinance did Congress create that established a government policy for the creation of future territories in the new northwest? The Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Which part of Great Compromise did both the large state and small state agreee on in their plans of government? A three branch government
What debate at the Convention almost broke up the convention? The Virginia Plan vs. The New Jersey Plan
Parts of the Great Compromise are? Three branches of government, bicameral legislature(two Houses). How of Representatives and Senate
The Constitutional Convention of 1787 resulted in what? The creation of the United States Constitution
Why was the United States Constitution created? Because the Artiles of Confederation were weak
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