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WWII,7th grade,Estes

Basic over look of WWII

alliance A union or association of nations that is set up to further the common interests of its members
democracy A government in which the power and authority rest with the people.People usually express their power through voting.The government is run by the people
Imperialism The practice of seeking the extension of a nation's control by acquiring new territory. Often this is done solely for the benefit of the larger nation and at the expense of the smaller territory
propaganda Media that supports the spread of ideas for the purpose of helping or damaging a cause. It influences people to accept a certain point of view by appealing to their emotions rather than their rationality
appeasement A policy of giving in to the demands of a hostile power to avoid conflict and maintain peace
isolationism The belief that a nation should stand alone and not get involved in the affairs and conflicts of other nations
totalarianism A form of government in which the government is supreme and individuals have few rights. Total control of the government rests in the hands of one or a few persons
Hitler used it as an opportunity to promote his government and racial supremacy of Aryan race 1936 Berlin Olympics
Black athlete at Berlin Olympics won 4 gold medals for the US, Hitler wouldn't congratulate him jesse owens
Louis , a black american boxed against Schmeling , a nazi- in first match Schmeling won in 12th round in the second match Louis won by a knock out in the first round- proved the nazis weren't bette Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling
pre-WW 2 use of media by Hitler and FDR FDR used fireside chats to talk to americans Hitler promoted anti-semitism
Was Hitlers minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels
Krisallnacht marked a step up in Jewish persecution
Franco supported by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy , another country turned fascist Spanish Civil war
The capitals of the Axis powers Rome (Italy) and Berlin (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan)
Annexation of Austria, they had 6 million Germans and favored unification with Germany, Nazis marched in unopposed to a "union" with Austria, first step in forming Third Reich- the greater germany 1st target of Hitler called Anschluss
Germany enters the Rhineland violation of the Treaty of Versailles by rearming and entering the demilitarized Rhineland , no response by France and Great Britian
Meeting in which the western leaders gave Hitler the Sudetenland part of Czechoslovakia in return for Hitler not seeking any more territory in Europe Munich Conference
Crisis in Czechoslovakia 3 million German speaking people in Czechoslovakia, Hitler charged that they were being abused and took the Sudetenland part for protection
Prime Minister of Great Britain for the first 8 months of WW 2, used appeasement with Hilter Neville Chamberlain
Agreement between Soviets and Germany not to attack each other, aided Germany so they did not have an eastern front war to fight, now only a western front war, also a secret pact to divide Poland Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
September 1,1939- the Invasion of Poland marks the beginning of World War 2 Germany Attacks Poland
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt led the US out of the Great Depression with the New Deal, was elected president 4 terms, died before V-E day and Truman his vice president took over
Prime Minister of Great Britain during WW 2 William Churchill
Joseph Stalin leader of the Soviet Union
Nazi leader of Facsist Germany, he came to power during Germanys depression and offers economic stability, started the Third Reich- wrote the book Mein Kampf and was called Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler
Mussolini Fascist leader of Italy, part of the Axis leaders
World War 2 axis powers Germany, Italy and Japan
World War 2 allied powers Great Britain, France, Soviet Union, United States- a total of 26 countries
December 7, 1941 - attacked the United States Pacific Fleet, 2,403 killed, 21 ships sunk, 8 battleships- 3 carriers out to sea Pearl Harbor
Supreme Commander in Europe of US forces, led D- day forces into France at Normandy called Operation Overlord, June 6, 1944 Dwight D. Eisenhower
Code name for Allied Invasion Operation Overload, June 6th, 1944
Holocaust Nazi Germany's systematic killing of European Jews
The United States attacked the Japanese on select, less defended islands and hop over others to conserve US resources Island hopping strategy in the Pacific
turning point of the Pacific war, military intelligence intercepted and decoded Japan's secret plan, Admiral Nimitz in charge, "tide begun to turn" Battle of Midway
The bloodiest battle of the Eastern Front, first great turning point of war, Nazi Germany fought the Soviet Union for control of Stalingrad Battle of Stalingrad
the most heavily defended spot and greatest number of deaths; victory at this island gave the US a launching point to bomb mainland Japan Iwo Jima
December, 1944. the last offensive attack of Hitler, ordered to break through the Allied lines, Germany lost 120,000 troops and could not recover Battle of the Bulge
Yalta Conference Big Three met to discuss post World War 2 Europe; Stalin promises free elections in Eastern Europe
Manhattan Project the making of the Atomic Bomb, led by Oppenheimer
First Atomic bomb dropped here by the Enola Gay the bomb was called Little Boy on August 6,1945 Hiroshima
3 days later a second city had the Atomic bomb dropped on... Nagaski
Empire of Japan during WWII Hirohito
How did World War 2 end in Europe against Nazi May 8, 1945 , it is called V-E day, victory in Europe
Sepember 2nd,1945 Hirohito surrendered on the battle ship Missouri World War 2 ended in the Pacific against the Japanese
Leaders of the Manhattan Project(making of the atomic bomb) Army Corps of Engineers' General Leslie Groves, physicists J. Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi, DuPont's Crawford Greenewalt and Kellogg's Percival Keith, MIT's Vannevar Bush, Harvard's James B. Conant, and Berkeley's Ernest O. Lawrence.
The bloodiest battle in the pacific, fought from Apr 1, 1954 to Jun 22,1945 by japan the U.S Battle of Okinawa
Britain defended against a large-scale attacks by Germany Battle of Britain
When did WWII end September 2, 1945
When did WWII start September 1, 1939
Democracy A government where the majority makes the decisions by voting.
Republic A government where people choose other people to make decisions for us.
Theocracy A government where laws are made by god, but interpreted by a religious figure.
communism The system of government in which the government plans and controls the economy and a single party holds the power. Strives to make everyone equal.
Dictatorship One person holds all power (dictator). Usually this person is backed by the military.
Monarchy The government with a king or a queen.
Anarchy The absence of any governmental authority leading to disorder or confusion
Despotism A government where the ruler has unlimited power
Authoritarian Rule government controls every aspect of life
Military State A place in which a ruler keeps power through the military
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