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Stable Food Supply In order to have a stable food supply you must have specialization. Egyptian jobs such as pharaohs, priests, artisans, and peasants are examples of specialization. These jobs were possible because the Egyptians had food.
Written Language Hieratic script was used for everyday writers. Hieroglyphs were used for formal writing, such as a proclamation, and religious writing. Hieroglyphics, demotic, and hieratic are the three main languages the Egyptians used.
Arts There were many pyramids such as the step pyramid, which was 20 stories high. At Dashur, Snefru’s second pyramid was built on unstable ground which caused cracks. His engineers increased the size of the base and changed the angle of ascent, creating the b
Government The government of Ancient Egypt was a Monarchy. Pharaoh’s had absolute power, meaning they could do whatever they wanted.
Social Structure Pharaoh; Government Officials; Priests; Scribes; Artisans; Peasants. Pharaoh - Owned land, worshipped as gods, collected taxes, head of the military. Government Officials - Worked with the Pharaoh, there were three types government officials, Vizier, C
Technology The 365 day calendar improved agricultural plans because the the 365 day calendar predicted the coming flood when the Egyptians watched the moon and stars showing when the rivers rise and set. They new that a new year/flooding season began when Sirius ros
Religion The vast majority of the population was polytheistic. But, King Tut’s father, Akhenaten, believed and ruled a monotheistic religion during his reign.
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