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section one

Title: Mexico Section 1 ... Atlas Chapter
Title: ... Regions Geographic
The long ... splits Mexico into two sections. Gulf of Mexico
The main section lies to the east. The long, thin peninsula called ... lies west of the gulf. Baja California
Mexico has several ... regions. land form
The main region is the ... which covers much of the central part of the nation. Mexican Plateau
... is the nation’s capital. It has soft soil which has sunk buildings over the years. Mexico City
It also has ... Earthquakes
Two long ... flank the plateau. mountain chains
In the west is the Sierra Madre ... occidental
In the east is the Sierra Madre ... oriental
Where the two mountain chains meet there are ... and many ... volcanoes ... minerals
Two lowland regions which run ... the mountains. alongside
The narrow ... extends from US border to about halfway down the coast. Pacific Coastal Lowlands
The wider ... stretches from the border to Yucatan Peninsula Gulf Coastal Plain
The ... has underground limestone caves. Yucatan Peninsula
A ... is a depression or sunken area from the roofs of the limestone caves that has collapsed. Sinkhole
The Pacific and Gulf ... can be hit by hurricanes. lowlands
The Sierra Madre del Sur covers the south of Mexico and includes ... mountains and rugged valleys
Baja California is a ... as long as it is wide! The coast is rugged coast along the Pacific Ocean and is mostly arid. peninsula that is 8 times
Title: ... Climate
Mexico has ... climate areas. several
Mexico’s large size is the number one reason for its climate ... diversity
Baja California and the Northern parts of Mexico are very ... , or arid, and have more dramatic temperature changes. dry
There are two deserts: the ... and the ... sonoran ... chihuahuan
More than half of Mexico is south of the ... where there is less temperature change. Tropical of Cancer
The southern part receives more ... than the north. rain
Late summer and early fall there can be ... causing lots of damage. hurricanes
Climate in Mexico also varies by ... altitude
... is the height above sea level. Altitude
The higher you go the ... the temperature. cooler
Few people live in the north and ... rain forest
The south and Mexico City have the highest ... due to cooler temperatures and a better climate for growing food. population
Differences in ... also contribute to different climates. elevation
More ... grow on the Mexican Plateau. crops
Title: Land ... Resources
Mexico has many ... natural resources. different
Mexico produces the most ... in the world. Other major metal products are ... silver ... gold and zinc
... is the most important natural resource. Petroleum
... has not been fully developed. Natural gas
About 1/6 of Mexico’s electricity is ... , mostly generated in the southern highlands. hydrenelectric power
... is power generated by water running through channels in dams or fast running rivers. Hydroelectric power
Only 1/5 of Mexico’s land is used for ... because of mountains, poor soil, and dry climates. farming
Some of the crops grown are ... , wheat, ... , sugar cane, ... , veggies and ... . corn ... beans ... fruits ... coffee
Waters off the Baja California peninsula supports ... fishing
Northern Mexico has many ... ranches. cattle
Title: Environmental ... Impact
Mexico had about 6 times more people in the early 2000’s than in the 1900’s with ¾ living in ... cities
... is one of the largest in the world. Mexico City
Most people live in southern Mexico, but cities along the border of the ... have grown rapidly in recent years. United States
There is overcrowding with lack of ... and sewer systems in the cities. water
Because of the large population growth and pollution from industries, ... is a serious problem. air pollution
Due to population growth and demands upon the land, farmers need to ... irrigote
... is bringing water to the land to water crops. Irrigation
Over time salt builds up and ruins the ... of the soil. fertility
Overgrazing by cattle ranches and irrigation has turned some land into ... desert
Deforestation of the southern ... washes nutrients out of the soil; therefore, .. can only farm on the land for a few years before moving on. forests ... farmers
Created by: 194562
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