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Westward Movement

Native Americans believed he provided all the land anyone would ever need. Great Spirit
A group made of the Shawnee, Delaware, Miami, and Potawotami tribes Indian Confederacy
The peace treaty that ended the battle of fallen timbers, in which Native Americans had to give up Southeast quarter of the northwest territory to settlement. Treaty of Greenville
Opened all of the Northwest territory to settlement. Treaty of Fort Wayne
2,000 militant creek warriors who would fight to get what was theirs back Red Sticks
Defeated Red Sticks in Tennessee, 1814 Andrew Jackson
Joined forces with the British against the Americans during the war of 1812. Techumseh and Tenskwatawa (The Prophet)
Led by the prophet, a movement to bring back the old beliefs and traditional ways of the Native American Indian. Cultural Revitalization
Led by Cherokee, a realization that the white man was here to stay, & violence & opposition would be futile. Peace Cultural Accommodation
Native American tribe that began to accommodate and accept the culture of white man, and began acting more like them Cherokee
A language adopted by Cherokee as second language English
Created written laws and democratic constitution. Cherokee
Printed articles in English AND Cherokee Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper
Son of Cherokee mom and white trader, vowed to never learn white man's tongue. Sequoyah
Inspired by "three white hunters" with a book. Spent 12 years creating a written Cherokee language. Sequoyah
In the Cherokee language, 20,000 words were represented by how many written characters? 86
"The Great American Dessert" Oaklahoma
Passed by congress in 1830, allowing the federal government to pressure the 125,000 NA East of the Mississippi to cede their ancestral land to the US & move to Indian territory. Indian Removal Act
Chief John Ross argued the legality of the forceful removal of Cherokees from their lands. In 1832, he sided with the Cherokee and recognized the right of the Cherokee as an independent nation to their own land and laws Worcester v. Georgia
______________ Cherokee walked up to 1,000 miles from Georgia to Oaklahoma 18,000+
Over ___________ Cherokee died due to exposure, hunger, and disease on the Trail of Tears 4,000+ (1/4)
Polk used the idea of _________ the Oregon Country (OC) as part of his campaign in 1844 annexing
Oregon Country was made of present day... Oregon, Washington, Idaho, parts of Wyoming and Montanna, as well as about half the Canadian province of British
In 1824, only England and the US remained in the OC... They agreed to _____________ Joint Occupation
Tough independent men who made a living by trapping beaver and other critters, and many adopted the ways of the NA Mountain Men
Once a year, the Mountain Men would gather at a ____________. Rendezvous
Wanted to bring Christianity to the NA Dr. Marcus Whitman, his wife Narcissa, Henry and Eliza Spalding
The 2 tribes that Dr. Whitman and his friends helped Cayuse and Nez Perce
The three trails that settlers followed to cross the Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean. 1)The Oregon Trail 2)The California Trail 3)The Santa Fe Trail (Does not go to Pacific)
The "jumping off" spot for the trail Missouri
The goal was a)_____________in Oregon, and b)_______________ in California. a)Willamette Valley b)Sutters fort
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