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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Study Guide

The President (R, 1929-1932) who held office during the stock market collapse and at the height of the Depression was. . . Herbert Hoover
What was the main reason for the banks failing at the start of the Depression? Investors borrowed money from banks to "play the stock market," and middle class Americans bought too many goods on credit loaned by banks, and neither could pay the banks back.
_________ is another name for the shanty towns built during the Great Depression. They were called this because people thought the president was to blame for the depression and their living conditions. Hoovervilles
_________ was a period of severe economic downturn between 1929 - 1940. Many were jobless, homeless, and went hungry. The Great Depression
People waiting to receive food provided by charitable organizations were found standing in _________. Breadlines
A share in the ownership of a company is called a ________. The value of it can increase or decrease depending on how well, or poorly, the company does. Stock
When a bank takes a property and auctions it off to recover the unpaid loan amount, it is called a _______. Foreclosure
____________ (D, 1933 - 1945) was the President during the Great Depression and through WWI. He was the only President to be elected 4 times and he promised that the government would work the people to fix the economy during the depression. Franklin Roosevelt
Trade with European countries slowed down as a result of: Our allies in WWI rebuilding their countries.
Name Three things people did to escape the daily pressure of the depression: Read Books, Go to the Movies, and Listen to the Radio
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