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D - SS - Unit 6

Geography of Latin America - Environmental Issues

What are causes of pollution in Mexico City? overcrowding, industrialization, vehicle emissions & location
How does Mexico City's location cause pollution? it lies at the base of two mountain ranges which traps the air pollution
What are the effects of pollution in Mexico City? it causes damage to vegetation (plants) and animals, harm to the atmosphere & humans and acid rain
What is Mexico City doing to reduce it's air pollution? the city is promoting public transportation (buses, subway, bikes, etc.) and testing buses that run on cleaner burning fuels
What is the government doing to reduce air pollution? they put new restrictions on car use and they hold workshops to teach people about the environment
What are rainforests known as? the "lungs of the earth"
Why are rainforests important? they help convert carbon dioxide into oxygen
What do plants consume and release? consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen
What do animals consume and release? consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide
Why do tropical rainforests consume a lot of carbon dioxide and give off a lot of oxygen? they have very dense (thick) vegetation
What are rainforests the home of? the largest variety of plant and animal species on the planet
What has caused the destruction of the rainforests in Brazil? road building, farmers cutting down forests to plant crops (Slash & Burn), cattle ranching, logging, mining & new settlements
What are the effects of the destruction of the rainforests in Brazil? a loss of habitat for species, climate change, less clean air for humans, more soil erosion & soil depletion
How does the destruction of the rainforests in Brazil cause a climate change? because there are less trees, more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere which causes the change
How does the destruction of the rainforests in Brazil cause more soil erosion? because there are less trees, there is nothing to help keep the soil from eroding
How does the destruction of the rainforests in Brazil cause soil depletion? rainforests have rich soil but when the trees are cut down the richness of the soil is reduced
Created by: lprinke
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