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Discovery Techbook chapter 12.2

goods products meant to satisfy the wants and needs of buyers
globalization the increasing interdependence of nations and peoples across the globe
agriculture the cultivation or production of plants and animals for human use
standard of living people’s quality of life based on the goods and services that are available to them
trade the exchange of goods and services by sale or barter
supply and demand the willingness and ability of producers to offer goods and services for sale
interdependence countries that are mutually reliant upon each other
outsourcing hiring outside suppliers to handle work that was once done in-house for higher costs
offshoring a type of outsourcing that helps save money and cut costs
specialization economic term that describes people who do one job using the resources they have
free trade economic policy in which a nation does not try to limit imports or exports by enacting tariffs or subsidies
infrastructure the underlying foundation or framework of a system, organization, or location
economic chain industries from producers to consumers helps us to understand how trade and globalization affect the world (primary, secondary, tertiary)
GDP the best way to measure a country's economy when it is divided by the number of people/capita
commodity a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold
fair trade legit prices are paid to producers in developing countries
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