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A. Egypt 19,21,23

Cards 19,21,23

Other / Big IdeaInfo.
#19 Rosetta Stone -A black, basalt?, slab with Greek, demotic, and hieroglyphs each saying the same thing -Provided Jean-Francois Champollion with the key to hieroglyphics -Found by Pierre Francois-Xavier Bouchards at Rosette in 1799 -Taken to London in 1802
#21 Hieroglyphics -Is phonetic -Used by Egyptians -Was a lost (forgotten) language until Jean-Francois Champollion re-discovered it -Each hieroglyphic represents a letter -Names in the hieroglyphic section of the Rosetta stone were circled with a cartouche
#23 SWAGSTR S - Stable Food Supply W - Written Language A - Arts (Specialization) G - Government S - Social Structure T - Technology R - Religion
#23 a S Egyptians were able to create large structures, such as the Pyramids. In order to make such large scale structures, you had to have hundreds of people working on it at a time. In order to support that many people, Egypt must have had a stable food supply.
#23 b W On the Rosetta Stone, there was this mysterious language that no one could read. This language was Hieroglyphics, it had been forgotten for hundreds of years. We found this same mysterious writing on walls of tombs in Egypt.
#23 c A In Egypt, we have found several architectural and demonstrative (artwork) masterpieces, such as the Dayr al-Bahri and "The Book of the Dead". Since these forms of art existed in Ancient Egypt, specialization must have occured.
#23 d G The was not a government like the one we have in the U.S but Ancient Egypt had rulers called pharaohs. Eventually the pharaohs established their role in the society. Pharaohs owned the land, oversaw the harvest and stored excess food.
#23 e S Egypt had ranks of hierarchy, some given great recognition, others not. Pharaoh-Central authority Government Officials-Worked w/ pharaohs Priests-In charge of Temples Scribes-Writers/Recorders Artisans-Skilled Laborers Peasants-Unskilled Laborers
#23 f T The ability to create such large scale monuments such as the pyramids must have required advanced tools. Not just for the harvesting of materials to create the pyramids. But, for the ability to move/place the stone blocks in a specified location.
#23 h R Egypt was polytheistic, the people believed in several different Gods. Each normally representing a feature of the Earth, such as the sky or the ocean. Some of the gods were, -Amun Ra/Re -Thoth -Sekhmet -Osiris -Set -Hourus -Anubis
Created by: sstuhlmiller23
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