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Ancient Egypt 1-7

Cards 1-7

#1 Amun Ra/Re -Known as the "creator" -Is seen with sun disc on falcon head Akhenaten wanted Egypt to be monotheistic. He wanted to worship only the Sun, or this god.
#2 Osiris -God of the Underworld -When all good pharaohs died, they became this god Pharaohs had many different supplies in their tomb such as food, water, a bathroom, all necessary items for them to live in the Underworld.
#3 Horus -Shown with a falcon -God of the Sky This god gave power to each of the pharaohs. The pharaohs were also believed to be the living, human, embodiment of this god.
#4 Anubis -Shown having a jackal, or wild dog, head -God of funerals and death When the pharaohs died, they would go to the weighing of the heart ceremony. This god was the one to weigh the heart.
#5 Con. Howard Carter<->King Tut Howard Carter was uncovering the secrets of the Valley of the Kings. Howard and his team had found numerous tombs but Howard had heard of another pharaoh they had not yet discovered, King Tut. It was his very last area/year that he found King Tut's tomb.
#6 Menes/Narmer's legacy -This pharaoh was the first proper pharaoh -Known for unifying (conquering) upper/lower egypt -Built capital city where upper and lower egypt met, in Memphis
#7 Khufu's legacy -"The Pyramid Builder" or "The Great Builder" -Made the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World -Established pharaoh as a central authority. Overseeing the harvest, storing extra food, controlled large network govt. officials
Created by: sstuhlmiller23
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