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American Revolution

The students will review information that has been learned in SC History

What is a revolution? when people fight to replace one government with a different one
What is a boycott? when people refuse to busy something in order to make a point
What is independence? freedom from the control of another person or group
What is a constitution? a set of written laws that set up how a government will work
Who were the Loyalists/Tories? colonists who wanted to remain loyal to the king
What was a militia? small local army to be used in emergencies
What is a tax? money people must pay to the government
Who were the Patriots? colonists who wanted to become a country separate from Great Britain
How did women help out with the war? acting as spies raising money for the soldiers keeping farms, plantations, and shops running
Who did not want to do anything that looked like treason against the British? Loyalists
Why was Francis Marion known as the Swamp Fox? Francis Marion and his men made sneak attacks against the British and hid in the swamps so they wouldn't be caught.
What were the names of the three important battles that took place in South Carolina during the American Revolution? The Battle of Kings Mountain, the Battle of Cowpens, and the Battle of Eutaw Springs.
Why was "taxation without representation" a problem for the colonists? Parliament did not let colonists have a say in the laws and taxes it passed.
How did colonists protest the Stamp Act? They stopped buying tea, sugar, cloth, and other goods from British merchants.
Why did England put new taxes in place for the colonists? They needed help paying for the wars that they had fought.
Why did the colonists want to be free? They believed that all people had a right to life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
How did the colonists protest the Tea Act? They threw chests of tea off a ship into the Boston harbor.
What were the Intolerable Acts? Laws to punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party such as closing the port of Boston and breaking up the colonial assembly.
What was not a result of the First Continental Congress? Colonial leaders sent British soldiers back to England.
What were some of the things leaders at the Second Continental Congress agreed to do? send a letter to Parliament asking for help with the king buy tea, sugar, cloth, and other goods from British merchants again break away from Great Britain and start their own country
Who were the Patriots? Colonists who wanted to go to war with Britain to gain their independence.
Who were the Loyalists? Colonists who did not want a war against Britain.
Why did South Carolina need a state constitution? South Carolinians no longer considered themselves British colonists and wanted a new plan for government.
Who fought against each other in the battle at Ninety-Six? Loyalists and Patriots
Why did William Jasper risk his life to save the flage during the battle at Fort Moultrie? The flag showed that the Patriots were still fighting and hadn't given up.
What rights did the Declaration of Independence say that all men have? The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
How did the British take Charles Town? They held the town under siege for over a month.
What happened when the British stole from and burned Patriot homes in South Carolina? Colonists got angry and joined the Patriots.
What advantages did the Patriot militia soldiers have over the well trained British soldiers? They knew the land well. They could move quietly through woods and swamps.
Created by: dsmalls1
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