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chapter 19

10th AMERICAN HISTORY CHAPTER 10postwar america

suburbs small residential communities around the cities
Harry S. Truman became president after FDR died
Dixiecrats formed the states rights democratic party
Fair deal an extension to the new deal included world wide proporsals
conglomerates a major corporation that includes a number of smaller companies in unrelated industires
fanchise a company that offers similar products or services in many location
baby boom world War 2 soldiers came home and made a unprecedent population explosion
Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine for the crippling disease POLIO
Planned obsolescence creating new products, manufacturers began using a marketing strategy
consumerism buying material goods, came to be equated with success
Federal Communications Commission FCC. The government agency that regulates and licenses television, telephone, telegraph, radio, and other communication industries
Beat Movement expressed the social and literary nonconformity of artisits
rock n roll a name that has blues and country and pop
Urban renewal proposed solution to the housing problem in inner citites
braceros allowed into US to harvest crops
termination policy eliminated federal economic support , discontinued the reservation system, and distributed tribal lands among individual Native Americans
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