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Loius XIV

French vs Dutch

Fronde revolution in Louis XIV's childhood, led by parliament and nobility that would lead the 1789 revolution
Councils of State (blank)
Cardinal Mazarin (blank)
Bossuet principal theorist for absolutism
Divine right of kings all power comes from god, so all with power are closely inked to God
Absolutism the king is earthly representative of God, the king is accountable to god and therefore will do what is right and conform the the higher authority of God
Versailles Louis XIV palace
Hall of Mirrors most famous room in Versailles
intendants supervised flow of taxes and recruiting of soldiers while keeping an eye on the nobility
Tax Farmers toll collectors
Colbert Louis XIV financial adviser
parlement french word for parliament
Commercial Code (blank)
French East India Company (blank)
revocation of the Edict of Nantes (blank)
War of Devolution (blank)
"Dutch War" (blank)
Treaty of Nimwegen (blank)
chambres de reunion (blank)
War of the League of Augsburg (blank)
Peace of Ryswick (blank)
Charles II of Spain (blank)
The Pyrenees exsit no longer (blank)
William III (blank)
John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough (blank)
Philip V of Spain (blank)
Grand Alliance of 1701 (blank)
Prince of Eugene of Savoy (blank)
treaties of Utrecht and Rastadt (blank)
asiento (blank)
"Dutch Barrier" (blank)
Grand Monarque (blank)
Sun King nickname of Louis XIV
Charles II of Spain (blank)
Franche Comte (blank)
"universal Monarchy" (blank)
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