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Western Civ 102

multiple choice

Because Thomas Hobbes perceives mankind as inherently evil, he..... asserts that a ruler should employ absolute power to maintain order in the areas under their rule
Why does Thomas Hobbes assert that a ruler should employ absolute power to maintain order in the areas under their rule
The theory justifying a monarch's rule by God's authority Divine Right
Individuals associated with the Scientific Revolution Copernicus Galileo Newton Kepler
Why would Galileo "detest" Copernicus' theories before the Inquisition? He feared that the Church might excommunicate him
Individuals associated with the Enlightenment Locke Montesquieu Rousseau Voltaire
The individuals associated with the Enlightenment ideas and use of reason for rational and logical thinking influenced movements for? Political reform
What is similar about Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, and Voltaire? They use rational thinking
What is the solution Montesquieu offered to avoid the establishment of a government with unlimited power? Separating the branches of government
Major causes of the French Revolution were the inequalities in the tax structure and a three estate system based on SOCIAL CLASS
What is a three estate system based on? Social class
What limited the power of the French monarch? The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
Maximilien Robespierre attempted to defend democracy in France by? Purging (violently riding) the country of political opponents and counterrevolutionaries
What do the actions of the Jacobins during the French Revolution indicate? Revolutions sometimes bring radical groups to power
Who supported Napoleon Bonaparte's rise to power? The french people
Why did the French people support Napoleon Bonaparte's rise to power? They hoped he would bring stability to the nation
Why is the Napoleonic Code important? It provided a written set of laws for Europe
What contributed to Napoleon's military defeat Severe winters and the large size of Russia
What did the French Revolution stimulate? Nationalistic feelings
The French Revolution..... Inspired other people seeking democracy and independence from absolute monarchs
What was the purpose of the Congress of Vienna? To establish a balance of power and to restore old rulers/regimes to their thrones after Napoleon's defeat
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