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8 Hist Ch 11 BJU AR

8 Hist Ch 11

Andrew Jackson First president elected from a state west of the original 13 states. He was a lawyer, judge, politician, Indian fighter and planter. He was a champion to the common people.
Black Hawk Illinois-Wisconsin area Sauk leader who was defeated by American regulars and militia in 1832
Compromise of 1833 Compromise to gradually lower tariffs
Daniel Webster Massachusetts congressman and senator who spoke for the North and was a strong supporter of the federal gov't
Henry Clay Jackson's rival for the presidency in 1832, who failed to save the Bank of the United States
House of Representatives Whig strategy plan to win 1836 presidency was to send election here for final decision.
Indians United States gov't did not consider this group to be subjects or citizens and Jackson's presidency treated them poorly
John C. Calhoun Advocate for state's rights, limited government, and nullification. He resigned as vice-president
John Tyler 10th President, who did not agree with many of his party's (Whigs) views
lame duck a politician who is still in office after having lost a reelection bid
Martin Van Buren 8th President hand picked by Andrew Jackson. He suggested separating the gov't from private banking.
Martin Van Buren United Stated experienced severe ecomonic depression during his presidency.
National Bank Jackson viewed this entity to be harmful, unconstiutional and vetoed the bill to recharter. It was a key issue during the 1832 presidential campaign
Nicholas Biddle President of the National Bank. He was from Philadelphia.
nullification idea that a state could cancel a federal law within the state. Hotly debated between Webster and Hayne
Ordinance of Nullification South Carolina tries to nullify (National) tariff
pet banks State banks where Andrew Jackson placed deposits removed from the federal National Bank. The results were the failure of many state banks.
protective tariffs type of tariffs that forced the South to buy American-made items, and reduced trade with foreign countries which caused cotton prices fall
Roger B. Taney Chief Justice after John Marshall
Samuel A. Worcester He ran into trouble with Georgia over his position on Indian lands
secession the formal withdrawal of a state from the Union
Specie Circular It required payment for government land to be in gold and silver. Jackson's way to curb inflation.
spoils system the practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs
Texas state added to U.S. while John Tyler was president
the Kitchen Cabinet Andrew Jackson's informal group of advisors
the Specie Circular act requiring anyone who bought gov't lands to pay for them in gold & silver
Tippecanoe and Tyler too Slogan for Harrison's campaign with Tyler. Involved Harrisons War of 1812 victory
Trail of Tears The removal of Cherokee Indians from Georgia to Indian Territory in 1838 and 1839
Webster-Ashburton Treaty Settled the U.S.-Canadian border in Northeast.
Whigs Anti-Jackson political party that challenged 1836 Democrats. They opposed slavery, supported high tariffs & infrastructure (roads, sewers, etc) improvements, and wanted to restore the Nationall bank
William Henry Harrison 9th president. Shortest and most insignificant presidency. First president to die in office
Worcester v. Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Georgia law does not apply on Cherokee land.
Created by: Mrs_CC
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