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World War II

Review for World War II test

Rosie the Riveter Symbol boosting morale of women who 'could' do jobs while men were away at war
Victory Gardens Family or school gardens that produced food needed due to scarcity
Navajo Code Talkers Contribution by native Americans that made it possible to communicate on radio without the Japanese understanding messages
Tuskeegee Airmen African American fighter pilots that were extremely successful
Executive Order 8891 Truman recognized African American accomplishments during WWII, and because of this he desegregated the military after the war in 1948 with this order
Battle of Iwo Jima Bloody Battle in Feb.-March 1945 that resulted in almost 25,000 US casualties, 25,000Japanese died, only 216 Japanese survived the battle
Manhattan Project Top secret operation to create nuclear weapons during World War II
Hiroshima The first Japanese city to be hit by an atomic bomb
Nagasaki The second Japanese city to be hit by an atomic bomb
Battle of Midway Fought just a little over 6 months after Pearl Harbor the Japanese would lose 4 air craft carriers
Battle of Britain Air war fought over Britain in 1940 that was a narrow victory for Britain
Anschluss Germany annexation of Austria in 1938
Munich Agreement Great Britain and France 'appeased' or gave in to Hitlers demands to take Czechoslovakia with this agreement
Kamikaze Suicide planes flown by Japanese pilots to crash into American Ships
Okinawa Bloody battle fought on a Japanese island, US casualties were more than 12,500 killed and 39,000 wounded, the Japanese losses were almost 250,000, US lost 36 ships sunk during the battle
September 1st 1939 Germany invades Poland, it was the day in history that is generally regarded as the beginning of World War II
Joseph Stalin Dictator of the Soviet Union during World War II
Adolph Hitler Dictator of Germany during World War II
Benito Mussolini Dictator of Italy during World War II
Hirohito Emperor of Japan during World War II
Tito Military ruler of Japan during World War II
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR for short President of the United States during most of World War II
Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Britain during World War II
RAF Royal Air Force, air force that successfully defended England during the Battle of Britain
Luftwaffe German air force that lost the Battle of Britain
Operation Overlord The planned invasion of France by Allied Forces
D-Day June 6, 1944
Battle of the Bulge Hitler's desperate assault on the Allied Forces in Belgium December of 1944
V-E Day Victory in Europe, commonly recognized as May 8, 1945
V-J Day Commonly recognized as Victory over Japan Day; August 14, 1945
Operation Barbarossa Operation Red Beard, Germany's invasion to conquer the Soviet Union
St. Petersburg Russian City laid siege to by Germany for over 900 days, more than half the population would die
Blitzkrieg New method of fighting or 'lightening war' that Germany used to against Poland, France and Russia
Executive Order 9066 Executive Order that FDR issued that would inter, or imprison more that 110,000 Japanese living the US during World War II
General Douglass MacArthur American General who would retake the Philippines from the Japanese
Admiral Nimitz American Admiral who developed the island hopping plan to take back most of the Pacific Islands from the Japanese
Holocaust Systematic and state murder of more than six million Jews and others at the hands of the Nazis during World War II
Pearl Harbor Japanese surprise attack on December 7, 1941 that brought the US into World War II
Doolittle's Raid Just months after Pearl Harbor this bombing raid on Tokyo boosted American morale
Omar Bradley and George Patton US Generals who led Operation Cobra that defeated the German Army in France and liberated Paris
Operation Torch Allied Operation to liberate Africa from the Nazis
The Big Three FDR, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin-Allied leaders who planned together to defeat the Axis Powers
Bataan Death March American and Filipino soldiers who surrendered to the Japanese in 1942 were treated brutally and murdered on a march to a prison camp, nearly half of the 90,000 prisoners died
Operation Barbarossa This was the code name for the German invasion of Russia in 1941
Harry Truman President who made the decision to drop nuclear bombs on Japan to end WW2
Kamikaze Translates as Divine Wind, these were suicide planes used as a tactic by the Japanese in desperation to crush the US Navy in 1945
Lend Lease Act This gave President FDR the power to lend or sell materials to nations defending themselves from the Axis Powers.
Non Agression Pact Agreement between the Nazi's and Soviets not to attack each other as they invaded Poland to begin WWII
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