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7th Grade S.S. Ancient Egypt Unit Flashcards 14-16&20

Middle Kingdom It was a golden age and known as the "Period of Reunification." It lasted from about 2000 BCE and ended in 1800 BCE because the Hyksos conquered Egypt with new technology (ex. horse drawn chariots, swords and metal armor)
Middle Kingdom continued Additionally, during this period, the capital was reestablished in Thebes since the Egyptian Empire had spread to the south. During this time period, Pharaoh Senusret I created a flourish of art, literature, architecture and education.
New Kingdom This was also known as the "Empire Age" or the "Golden Age." It started in 1600 BCE when the Egyptians adopted this new technology and defeated the Hyksos (taking back power). In 1100 BCE Egypt grew weak and was invaded by many people who took power.
New Kingdom continued Furthermore, many famous pharaohs of this time include Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, Tutankhamen, and Ramses II. Hatshepsut was the first female pharaoh and promoted trade, while Ramses II was a military leader who fought off Hittites from the North.
New Kingdom continued 2 Akhenaten tried to make Egypt monotheistic, but his son, Tutankhamen who is also known as "the boy king" brought back polytheism.
Late Dynastic It lasted from 1100BCE to 30BCE. During this period, there were many foreign invaders like the Kushites, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans. Alexander the Great from Macedonia, Greece conquered Egypt in 332 BCE. It then became a Roman colony in 30 BCE
Mummification Process First, you must remove the brain by sticking a metal hook up the person's nose many times to break their brain into pieces. The pieces would then be pulled out of their nose and thrown away. An incision would be made in the left side of the person.
Mummification Process continued Next, the organs, except for the heart, would be removed and placed into the correct canopic jars. Then, they would drain the liquid out of the body of the person and pack natron inside of it along with all over it.
Mummification Process continued 2 Afterwards, they would wait for 40 days before removing the natron. They would stuff linen inside of the body and cover the body with resin. Finally, the body would be wrapped in linen and have charms and amulets put on it before the final wrapping.
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