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Mr Pullin's 3rd exam

Montezuma was.... The Aztec leader. Cortes held him hostage and claimed Mexico for Spain
Ferdinand Magella was.. A Portugese explorer that tried to find an Alantic-Pacific passage.
Francisco Pizarro.. landed in Peru, led 170 soldiers to the Inca Empire, and captured their leader Atanualpa
Juan Ponce de Leon was.. The first European to foot in the U.S
Francisco Coronado tried.... to find the legendary golden city.
Amergio Vespucci was.. An Italian explorer that realized columbus' land was NOT asia
Samuel de Champlain founded.. Quebec!
Hernando Cortes.. sailed from Cuba to Mexico, met Natives(Aztecs) who gave him gifts of gold,on Nov.8 1519 he marched into Tenochtitlan(Aztec Capital) then held their leader hostage and claimed Mexico for Spain.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa was... A Spanish colonist that explored present-day Panama, and was the first European to see the pacific ocean
Parliament was the... Law-making body in England
Describe the First and Second Roanoke Colony. The first one(1585) was abandoned after a year. The second one(1587) the colony was abandoned and everyone disappeared without a trace.
Powhaten was.. The chief of the local Native Americans that supplied food to the colonies
How important was tobacco to the colonies? VERY important! it saved them!
The House of Burgess(1619) was.. a Representative Government and was Virginia's law-making body. It passed laws and set taxes.
What was a "Royal Colony?" A colony controlled directly by the English King.
Habeas corpus was.. a person who cannot be held in prison without being with a specific crime
Libel is... publishing statements that damage a person's reputation.
Describe "Gentry" It was an upper class of colonial society, very few people were in it, and it was extremely powerful.
Anne Bradstreet was.. the first colonial poet.
Phillis Wheatley was.. An enslaved African American who published her first poem at 14.
The Proclamation of 1763 declared.. This made Colonists. That colonists could not live west of the Appalachian mountains. This made them angry!
The Sugar Act placed.. a duty on several products like sugar and molasses.
What is a "duty?" a import tax
The Quartering Act forced.. colonists to give troops a place to live, feed them, and make sure they had supplies.
The Stamp Act required.. that colonists purchased special tax stamps in order to buy: Newspaper,licenses,Contracts, and other documents.
Crispus Attucks was.. an African American sailor who was the first person to die in the name of American Independence
Loyalists remained what to who? How much of the population were loyalist loyal to Britain. 1/3 of the population.
Patriots wanted what? how much of the population were patriots? they wanted Independence. Majority of the population
What were the sections of the Declaration of Independence(in order) And what were the purposes of them. 1.Preamble(introduction) 2.Natural Rights(General ideas about government)3.List of Grievances(proof of rights being violated) 4. Dissolving the bonds.(conclusion)
What was the British's goal for the Battle of Saratoga. Goal; cut New England off from the rest of the states.
Take a Break :) I go with "Take a Break:)"
take a break:) I go with "take a break:)"
What was a cavalry? Units of troops on horseback.
What is "Inauguration?" The ceremony in which the president takes oath of office
What was a faction? An organized political group
The Alien Act(1798) aimed at who? Under this the president could... aimed at immigrants. The president could deport or imprison any immigrants he considered dangerous.
The Sedition(1789) Act did what? It limited free speech. Also it made it a crime for anyone to write or say anything false about president,congress, or the government in general.
What does aristocratic mean? Power belongs to a small upper class
The Marbury v. Madison Established what? the judicial review.
Who was sent to purchase Louisiana? Who offered to it to us, for how much? Why did they offer it to us? Owning the Louisiana territory gave us control of what? James Monroe. Napoleon offered it to us for 15 million because he needed money to pay for the war against Haiti. It gave us control over the Mississippi River.
The Mississippi River was important to us because.. we needed it to ship items and the farmers needed a water supply for their crops.
The USS Constitution was nicknamed.. Old Ironsides.
1st amendment.. Freedom of religion, speech, of the press, assembly, and petition.
2nd amendment.. Bearing arms.
3rd amendment.. Quartering troops.
4th amendment.. Searches and Seizures.
5th amendment.. Criminal proceedings;Due process;Eminent Domain.
6th amendment.. Criminal proceedings.
7th amendment.. Civil Trails.
8th amendment.. Punishment for crimes(no harsh punishments)
9th amendment.. Umenumerated rights.
10th amendment.. Powers reserved to the states.
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