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AmHist2 U2L1 Things

Industry The production of goods, such as in factories where manufacturing occurs
Industrial Revolution Period in American (and world) history when the focus was on machines, factories, and industry
Natural Resources Materials that are produced from the earth
Manufacturing The making of goods by hand or machine
Capital The money that is invested in business
Entrepreneur People who invest and are willing to take a risk in buisness
Monopoly Control over a certain good or industry by one company.
Labor The people or effort that goes into making a good or service
Factors of Production Things that are used to produce goods
Persecution One of the reasons that Old Immigrants came to America was they were escaping their home countries due to their religious beliefs
Famine One of the reasons that New Immigrants were coming to America was starvation or lack of food
Revolution One of the reasons that New Immigrants were coming to America was to escape wars within their home countries.
Ethnic Neighborhoods of people from a homeland that lived near each other with common cultures and languages.
Culture The beliefs, languages and traditions of a country
"Yellow Peril" Nickname by Native-born Americans named for immigrants from Asian countries
Gentlemen's Agreement An unwritten agreement between two people or sets of people but is not considered a law
President Roosevelt's Gentlemen's Agreement Informal agreement made with Japan to strictly limit immigration
Chinese Exclusion Act This act passed by Congress sharply limited Chinese immigration
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